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Why Is Digital Marketing So Important?

Digital marketing becomes more critical every day and is always changing. Do you remember influencer advertising five years ago? Yeah, me neither. But, why has digital marketing become so much more critical than marketing in traditional media? 


Well, follow along, and I’ll tell you why.


People are spending both their time and money on the internet

69% of Americans use Facebook. 63% of shopping occasions begin online. Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day. These are only three pieces of data that speak wonders for marketers. People are not only spending a vast amount of time on the internet but they’re also spending money and interacting with what could be your brand. 


Sorry to break the news to you, but your competitors are already doing it.

They have social platforms, SEO, and have already stuck their teeth into paid advertisements. Yeah, you know the parental phrase, “would you jump off a bridge if your friends were?” Well, in this case, your competition has already jumped, and you better follow suit if you want even to come close to competing. It is 2020, so I will assume you already have social platforms (see how that was plural). Yeah, social platforms are cool and all, but investing in paid advertisements and making sure that your SEO is in tip-top shape will put you neck and neck with your competition, I promise. 


Digital marketing gives small businesses a chance.

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns allow for small businesses like a local doughnut shop to outrank places like Krispy Kreme on Google. How? SEO and pay per click will level the playing field with those “big” guys. You can outbid those guys any day of the week; they will NEVER be guaranteed a spot, which makes the game interesting. 


Something that traditional media could never do: target

Who is your ideal customer? With digital marketing, you can target your brand to an audience you know will want to engage with your brand. Digital marketing allows you to get extremely specific with things such as gender, location, salary, household size, and relationship status; kind of uncomfortable if you ask me. When you’re selling a king-size bed, you probably won’t be selling it to someone single, amiright? Digital marketing allows you to get insights into your audience and what makes them tick. Armed with this information you can aim and fire to get the conversions you’ve been dying to have. 


Digital Marketing offers more analytics.

With traditional media, it’s hard to know how well your campaign is doing. However, with a digital marketing campaign, you can get live analytics that update at the end of each day so you can make quick changes if you don’t see the success you anticipated. With the ability to make changes, you can save money by making your campaign the most optimized it can be and, of course, spend your budget more wisely.


Getting a return on your investment is also pretty important

Let me give you just one stat, and I promise you’ll be convinced to join the winning team; email alone can attribute a 4400% return on your investment, $1 spent is a return of $44, yeah I know, right. 4400% is such a substantial return because it doesn’t take that much money to have a successful digital marketing campaign. MailChimp, so simple, easy, and perfect for your email campaigns, you can even make a free account. You can also set up all Google software accounts with ease. Do it yourself or hire an agency, that’s your business decision. But I’ll say it again; social media and PPC campaigns will save you time and money. Maybe it’s time to say bye-bye to traditional media. 


So um, what are you waiting for?

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Courtney Reiber