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redfox visual is a marketing and advertising agency working to make Google less of a nightmare for our clients. Search engine optimization is vital to your success, and our experts can help you conquer Google, crush your competitors, and reach your business goals. Ready to go?

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Out-Rank Your Competitors.

We get Google. We know the algorithms. We know the strategy. We know they change things up whenever they want just to be difficult…

Organic SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) is the best way to ensure more website traffic, more foot traffic, more phone calls, and more customers. Through keyword targeting, blog writing, link-building, meta tags, and content optimization, we make sure the customers who are looking for you, SEE you.


Increase Your Online Reviews.

Part of our SEO strategy includes our state-of-the-art Google review management platform. We automate the task of asking, reminding, and guiding your customers through leaving reviews on your Google My Business page.

90% of users read reviews before deciding to do business with you, which makes it even more important to have quality customer reviews on Google. Having a steady stream of positive reviews can be one of the fastest ways to rise Google’s ranks and convert more customers. 

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Our Approach.

SEO that actually works.

The first step in our SEO strategy is to discover exactly what search queries your customers are typing into Google when they’re looking for the products and services you offer. Organic SEO is steady, impactful growth that climbs over time and stays with proper maintenance. We use a combination of technical SEO, blog writing, and review management to flood your website with constant NEW content for Google to crawl.


redfox visual is proud to offer an assortment of home-grown, Idaho SEO. We pride ourselves on our up-to-date websites, techniques, and an absolute focus on your audience. When you are looking to show in Idaho, put your best foot forward with redfox. Visibility from the start.

For SEO, our focus is always on functionality, usability, and value. While this encompasses a large swath of techniques like onsite improvements, mobile useability, UX, offsite improvements, reputation management, content, and so much more, it always comes down to your customers and your website.

Of course! The organic market in Boise is growing as fast as the town itself. Every time you open your phone to search for a restaurant, directions, or a service near you, you are contributing to the organic market size. Millions of Google searches happen a day, take advantage of it!

Our team of experts will meet with you to find the right fit for your needs. Fill out the form below to meet with us, or just give us a call to hear why redfox is your favorite Boise firm.

Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is the larger encompassing term for both SEO (search engine optimization) and (PPC/CPC) pay-per-click. SEM can be used to describe ppc by itself as well. All of this describes marketing, both paid and organic efforts, on search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, and Duckduckgo.


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