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Videos created to drive results.

redfox visual is a full-service video production agency, in Boise Idaho, creating high-performing video content. We produce award-winning videos for the most ambitious brands nationwide. Our video services include TV Commercials, Product ads, Brand Films, and distribution to help you achieve your business goals.

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Let’s go viral.

In order to produce a successful video, you have to connect with people on an emotional level. Connecting your product or service with joy, humor, empathy, and other powerful emotions is how we make sure your video content will help you market to your target audience.


video production boise,video production boise idaho,boise video production,product video production

Compelling, unique, and effective brand films for an automotive giant.

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Successful brand launch, innovative ecommerce website, and stunning videos for a national dog treat brand.

video production boise,video production boise idaho,boise video production,product video production

Innovative Social Media Product Advertisements for a global brand.

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Social media ads promoting Albertsons’ Grocery Delivery and Drive Up & Go services.

Our Approach.


The video production process goes beyond “Action” and “Cut”.

We are a full service video production company, so we start at the beginning with your project. We create your video marketing strategy by identifying your target audience, developing your story, writing scripts, shooting, editing, delivering, and distributing. “WOW” doesn’t just happen… We make it happen.

Video Production FAQs

redfox visual is known throughout the Boise area for the quality of our work. Our videos are award-winning, creative, entertaining, and effective tools for marketing. One of the things that stands out the most though is our process. We have developed a tried and true method for video projects that produces a perfect result every single time.

You can expect to be listened to. You can expect your ideas to be respected and valued. You can expect collaboration and vivid creativity. And most of all, you can expect to be absolutely blown away by our work.

Video continues to be the #1 most effective way to market and promote your business because of its remarkable ability to engage audiences, drive lead conversion, and boost sales. Video is also the most cost effective form of advertising because it produces more conversions than any other form of marketing content.

Yes we do. We work with National, and even global brands creating stellar branded content. We’ve flown coast to coast filming video projects for a wide variety of clients.

We are a FULL-SERVICE video production company, which means we cover every portion of a great video production process; and we cover it all in-house. This includes story/concept development, storyboarding, scriptwriting, hiring any actors, scheduling and location scouting, filming (with our team of directors, cinematographers, drone pilots, grip/lighting techs, and more), audio recording, editing, audio mixing and mastering, motion graphics, animations, exporting, and file delivery.

Well… That depends… (exactly what you didn’t want to hear right?).

Asking how much a video costs is similar to asking how much a house costs. Do you want a 1 bedroom shack? Or an 18 bedroom mansion? They’re both technically “houses”, but they have VERY different budgets. The same goes for videos. Do you want one person talking in front of a camera? Or Tom Cruise jumping over a helicopter with a motorcycle? Again, both are technically “Videos” but the cost to produce each would be WILDLY different.

All this to say, we need to discover your exact project needs before we can give you a cost.

We definitely have our specialties and the types/styles of videos we are known for. Here are a few types of videos we produce:

  • Brand Films
  • Product Videos
  • TV Commercials
  • Online Ads
  • Comedy Advertisements
  • Animated Videos
  • Social Media Ads

We are very skilled at the types of videos listed above, so we like to stick to those. Here are some good examples of the types of video projects we don’t do:

  • Wedding Videos
  • Real Estate Videos
  • Events
  • Sports Games
  • Live Streaming
  • Home movies
  • Editing your smartphone footage
  • We also don’t do things like transferring film movies, mini-tape, VHS, and mini-disk to DVD or DVD duplication.


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