Third River Health + Wellness

Custom Website to Support the Missions of Third River Health and Wellness

Third River Health is a husband and wife (Blake and Danielle) wellness duo coaching men and women towards healthy living through holistic practices. Their journey started with a Crohn’s Disease diagnoses given to Danielle which prompted them to redefine health in their own life through holistic practices. They had such great success with it they decided to create a business teaching others how to succeed in health the way they did using programs they create themselves.

In conjunction with the beautiful design and layout of the website, which we collaborated with our Friend Kristin and KBrand Studios in Boise, we also created a private membership site built into the back-end of the site for clients to follow their purchased programs inside their own private portals. They are able to see current course progress, special insider events, communicate with their instructors, and much more all from their private dashboard secured by an encrypted password.

A beautiful idea, stunning website, and unmatched internal functionality made this project one we won’t soon forget.