Sprague Solutions

Video Production Project

Beautiful furniture, modern workspaces, and multiple downtown Boise locations made this project one for the books!

Sprague Solutions is a furniture, space planning, design, and consulting firm located in North Boise. The workspaces they design are like works of art; elegant, modern furniture that blends functionality and creativity in an indescribable way.

We got to see some of their amazing work around downtown Boise as we filmed this project. We filmed their workspaces at US Bank, the Clearwater Building, Gardner Company, A10 Capital, JUMP, the new Simplot HQ, and quite a few others.

This was an interesting project to take on. The biggest hurdle we faced was “how do we make furniture look interesting in a video?” We needed to make an engaging video about these workspaces that captured and held the attention of viewers. So we did our research and came up with what we think was a winning solution. Through the use of subtle sliding motions, moving time lapse photography, some human elements, a modern sounding music track, and a British voice over, we were able to pull it off! When first approached by Sprague to do this project, they asked us if the videos could have an “Apple product video” look and feel. I think you’ll agree that we delivered!

This was a multi-video project. We created an “About Us” video which included 2 client testimonials, as well as a shorter version to be used for marketing and promotional purposes.