Upriver Youth Council.

A warm & welcoming website for an Idaho nonprofit preventing substance abuse.

Idaho Non-Profit Organization.

Recovery and Prevention Focused.

Dedicated to Helping Idaho Families.


UYLC is an Idaho non-profit organization that empowers youth and adults to build a healthier community through prevention leadership. With after school programs, life skills coaching, drug recovery and prevention programs. this Idaho 501C3 is doing a lot of good for a lot of Idahoans.

Services Performed.

Client's Needs.

UYLC was struggling to reach their target audience with a slow, outdated web presence. They needed help with a new website design and copywriting specific to at-risk youth and struggling parents. With an empathy-focused approach, we helped them integrate a warmer and more welcoming tone into their messaging and design.


The Solution.

Our team performed extensive research on national and global programs to discover messaging and aesthetics that related to the youth of America. We discovered approaches that worked well, and those that did not. Eliminating the “fear” approach and adopting an empathetic message resulted in a beautiful, clean, and modern website that is approachable for teens and adults alike.


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