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What The Heck Do I Post On Instagram

By Courtney Reiber | August 7, 2020 |

Instagram is tricky; let me tell you. I am fortunate because, well, I was born in the digital age. I had a smartphone in my hand at the age of 14; downloadable music, mirror selfies, Youtube makeup tutorials, you know all that jazz. So, as you can tell, I was born to be an Instagram…

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Digital Marketing

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important?

By Courtney Reiber | July 31, 2020 |

Digital marketing becomes more critical every day and is always changing. Do you remember influencer advertising five years ago? Yeah, me neither. But, why has digital marketing become so much more critical than marketing in traditional media?    Well, follow along, and I’ll tell you why.   People are spending both their time and money…

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Website Design

How To Build a Website That Will Get You The Traffic You’ve Been Dying For

By Courtney Reiber | July 24, 2020 |

Step 1. Contact REDFOX VISUAL Okay I’m kidding alright, sorry for the shameless plug. Let’s get to business;  when beginning to brainstorm your company’s website, first ask yourself, What are your goals? When speaking to clients the first question we always ask them is simply, what are your goals as a business? Typically we hear…

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How to Leverage a Purpose-Based Design for a Small Business Website?

By Josh Cremer | May 16, 2018 |

Small business owners and entrepreneurs often struggle when it comes to leverage a purpose-based design. However, the budget is not the only consideration in this regard. Many web hosts cater to the website design and development related to a small business. Here learn the crucial aspects of designing a purpose-based website for your small business:…

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Local SEO Services on Tablet and Desktop with Keyboard and Mouse

Apple uses a 4 minute film to advertise its new product.

By Josh Cremer | March 18, 2018 |

Welcome Home – An Apple Film by Spike Jonze You’ve likely seen the new video Apple released for the launch of their new product; the “HomePod”. It’s really a short film in all aspects of the term. The story follows a young woman broodingly making her way home on the subway, through the rain, etc.…

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Are popups still a good idea to use on your site?

By REDFOX | February 1, 2018 |

Go on. Ask any internet user how they feel about popups. You may learn some new swear words. And yet, when the business case for UX is stronger than ever, many brands still default to popups for pushing their marketing messages. Why? No, they’re not lazy. Not entirely, anyway. It turns out that even though popups are the…

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