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SaaS PPC: 5 Game-Changing Tips You Should Consider.

The SaaS industry is booming. By 2025, the global SaaS market has been expected to grow at a 12.5% CAGR. This means the market will reportedly cross the $436.9 billion mark by the year 2025.

SaaS solutions are irresistible. Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, businesses were hesitant to adopt SaaS. Most of them preferred on-premises solutions.

However, as stated in a PwC report:

“Covid-19 has been acting as a catalyst for trends we expected to witness in the future. With most companies shifting to remote work for the unseeable future, they need to pivot to SaaS-based offerings.”

Despite that, SaaS companies face various marketing and advertising obstacles.

First, the SaaS industry is fiercely competitive.

Second, the SaaS sales cycle is usually long. You’ll be required to make multiple touchpoints to convert your prospects into paying customers.

That being said, you should tap into the power of SaaS PPC ads to attract high-quality traffic to your website.

But, while doing so, don’t forget to implement the five game-changing PPC tips we’ve mentioned in this blog post to skyrocket your paid ads performance.

Before we dive in, read our “Pay-Per-Click Advertising Simplified” blog post to understand how PPC ads work.

5 Game-Changing SaaS PPC Tips to Consider
to Skyrocket Your Performance

Don’t forget to equip these five SaaS PPC tips in your paid ads arsenal:

  • Utilize “Negative Keywords”
  • Create Dedicated Landing Pages
  • Narrow Down Your Keywords Research
  • Start Remarketing
  • Understand How to Use CLV

Let’s touch down on every single one of them one at a time.

Utilize “Negative Keywords”

This right here is one of the most important PPC tips.

On one side, there’re keywords you’d like to target. Whereas, on the other hand, there are keywords you’d like to omit from your PPC campaign.

And let me share some great news with you. You can exclude search terms from your campaigns, allowing you to focus on the ones that matter the most to your audience.

While selecting negative keywords for your PPC campaigns, make sure that they don’t include the most important keywords you’d like to target.

For example, if you run a SaaS Customer Data Platform company, then don’t exclude the negative broad match keyword “Customer Data.”

Otherwise, your ads will not be served when your target audience searches “best customer data platform.”

Instead, your focus should be on negative exact match keywords like:

  • Create Customer Data Platform
  • Customer Data Platform Careers
  • Customer Data Platform Intern
  • Customer Data Platform Courses

These are the ones that are fairly similar to the ones you’d like to target yet don’t cater to your target audience’s needs.

Read more about “Negative Keywords” here.

Create Dedicated Landing Pages

For every $92 businesses spend on customer acquisition, only $1 is spent on converting them.

That’s insane.

If your monthly advertising budget is $1,000, you shouldn’t necessarily spend all of it on your PPC ad campaigns. Instead, you need to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward.

Your focus should be on converting your website visitors into leads or paying clients as well.

So, if you are running a PPC ad, then you need to work on where you are redirecting your audience.

If the answer is your website, then you need to make sure that it’s brilliantly designed and highly functional.

Otherwise, you’d be wasting your precious advertising dollars. That’s the reason creating a dedicated landing page made it to our top 5 PPC tips list.

So, what you can do is create dedicated landing pages with a clear purpose, brilliant design, appealing copy, and compelling CTA. You may even incorporate some extra features like chatbots.

Tap into the power of A/B testing.

Some of the landing page builders we personally love include:

  • Leadpages
  • Unbounce
  • Clickfunnels
  • Instapage

Or reach out to our expert PPC landing page designers. They’ll help you build a highly converting dedicated PPC landing page for your SaaS business in no time.

Narrow Down Your Keywords Research

Let’s again assume that you run a SaaS Customer Data Platform company.

So, the first SaaS PPC keyword that’d come to your mind is “customer data platform” or “CDP.”

That’s pretty basic.

But let’s hop onto our Keywords Overview tool, and you’d be shocked to learn:

  1. Customer Data Platform: The global search volume for this keyword is 11.2K. And its difficulty stands at 59% – which is difficult. Whereas the CPC is $43.71.
  2. CDP: CDPs global search volume is 177.5K, whereas its difficulty is 74% – which is hard. And the CPC stands at $26.48

If you target these keywords, you’ll probably end up wasting your money. And the probability of your ads appearing at the top is incredibly low.

Usually, what we fail to take into consideration is the audience’s initial research phase.

For example, if your prospects are in their initial research phase cycle, consider targeting keywords like “customer-centric strategy” or “customer-centric” or “what is customer-centricity.”

These are high or fair volume and low competition keywords. Not many of your competitors will be targeting them. And the best part – you’ll find their CPC to be really low.

Here’s “Customer-Centric Strategy” keyword overview:

The global volume is 1.5K, whereas the keyword difficulty is much lower, i.e., 40%. The CPC stands at $4.42.

Similarly, for “Customer Centricity” keyword:

  • Global volume = 38.7K
  • Keyword Difficulty = 48%
  • CPC = $4.29

Start Remarketing

Remarketing is one of the most brilliant PPC tips.

Nearly 99% of the consumers don’t purchase during their first-time visit. On average, it takes 6-8 touchpoints to convert a website visitor into a lead. And that’s the B2C model we are talking about.

If you’re targeting businesses as well, they’ll definitely not purchase from you upon their first visit. In a business space, there’s no single person in charge of making purchase decisions. There are various people involved like:

  • End-users
  • Project managers
  • Team leads
  • HR
  • C-Level Executives

While targeting consumers, you won’t face a hard time structuring your PPC ads. But, while doing the same for businesses, you need to run different sets of ads for different people playing different roles in organizations.

Whether you are targeting consumers or businesses, don’t forget that the probability of purchasing your service upon their first visit is incredibly low.

And the best way to tackle this is by running remarketing campaigns.

Out of the 1000 marketers surveyed, about 92% of them have claimed remarketing to perform way better than search and display advertising.

Your audience will probably leave your website without purchasing your service. The smart move here is to use remarketing to display your ads across the world wide web to bring them back again.

Schedule a meeting with our PPC experts to gain more insights into remarketing.

Understand How to Use CLV

SaaS agencies usually focus on lead volume. But, as we all know now, SaaS sales cycles are longer. And that’s the reason you should equally focus on your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Customer Lifecycle Value is undoubtedly one of the most important metrics SaaS companies should track.

For those who aren’t familiar with CLV, here’s the definition:

“Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) refers to the total revenue a business can expect from a single customer throughout their entire relationship.”

Tracking this metric will allow you to understand how much you should invest in customer acquisition. Also, you’ll be able to figure out how much to spend on SaaS PPC ads.

You can determine CLV by calculating:

  • Average Purchase Value
  • Average Number of Purchases
  • Customer Value
  • Average Customer Lifespan

Multiply customer value with average customer lifespan to gain insights into your CLV.

Customer Value = Average Purchase Value X Average Number of Purchases

Use your CLV to understand how much you should invest in your SaaS PPC campaigns.

Skyrocket Your SaaS PPC Performance Today!

SaaS PPC isn’t a linear path. There’s no magic formula that’ll take you to the top of the ladder. Instead, create a brilliant and highly converting PPC strategy. Incorporate the five game-changing PPC tips we’ve mentioned in this blog post.

Run different campaigns for different people playing different roles in an organization. Test your ads. Focus on your Customer Lifetime Value. Narrow down your keyword research. Create dedicated landing pages.

And if you need any help, we are the PPC experts based in Boise. Our brilliant paid ads team would love nothing more than to help you out.

So, what are you waiting for?

Reach out to the #1 ad agency in Boise.



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