5 Tips To Consider When Picking a Digital Advertising Agency in Boise.

93% of SMBs struggle with social media advertising. Out of the gazillion brands using Facebook Ads to reach out to their target audience, about 62% of them fail. And the same is the case with other advertising platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and more.

Imagine wasting thousands of dollars on poorly optimized ad campaigns. And if you want your precious advertising budget to be spent in a smart manner such that your campaigns deliver an impressive ROI, you can go with any one of these options:

  • Build an In-House Advertising Team
  • Hire the Best Digital Advertising Agency in Boise like Redfox Visual

The problem with the first option is that you’ll have to end up hiring more talent – individuals with extensive experience in the advertising space. Also, you’ll have to spend your money and resources training your already-existing employees. In addition to this, investing in the right tech stack is essential.

On the other hand, hiring a digital ad agency will help you save your precious time, money, and resources. An external ad agency will already have a team full of talented individuals ready to nail your advertising campaigns. With deep expertise and years of experience, they’d love nothing more than delivering results.

But wait!

The Boise market is swarmed with numerous all-talk, no-action digital ad agencies. Hiring the wrong one will just lead your business to nothing but a void.

That’s the reason we’ve listed down the five tips businesses should consider while picking an advertising agency in Boise.

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Otherwise, let’s get rolling!

5 Tips Businesses Should Consider to Choose
the Right Digital Advertising Agency in Boise

Following are the points we’re about to touch down on:

  • Make Sure that they can Successfully Advertise Themselves
  • Understand Whether they Specialize in B2B, B2C or Both
  • Review their Portfolio
  • Ensure that they Embrace Consistent Measurement
  • Understand Whether they can Adapt Quickly

Make Sure that they can Successfully Advertise Themselves

You’d be shocked to know that I’ve come across marketing and advertising that position themselves as the #1 Digital Ad Agency or #1 Digital Marketing Agency, yet don’t even have an online presence.

That’s a red flag, yet most businesses don’t see it.

Instead, they end up hiring one of these so-called all-talk, no-action agencies, only to later realize that they made an extremely poor decision.

While narrowing down the long list of digital ad agencies in Boise, understand how well they are advertising themselves. Review their visuals and ad copy – make sure that these are crafted with the sole purpose of luring you in.

Understand Whether they Specialize in B2B, B2C or Both

You can’t be a goalkeeper, striker, central defender, sweeper at the same time. Similarly, an advertising agency can’t be an all-rounder and hold experience across all the industries.

Digital advertising is a vast field. And if you run a B2C company, you should avoid reaching out to a B2B agency and vice-versa. On the other hand, an advertising agency like Redfox Visual may hold deep expertise across both spaces.

Reach out to the advertising agencies to understand which industry they hold deep expertise in. And if they are claiming that they hold expertise in yours, then ask them for their proof of work.

Check out our portfolio right here.

This brings us to our next point:

Review their Portfolio

We can proudly say that we’ve helped tons of businesses based in Boise level up their advertising efforts. And we aren’t afraid of showcasing our past work. In fact, we have a dedicated section for that on our website.

Any advertising agency afraid of presenting their past work in front of you doesn’t have an impressive portfolio. Maybe, they don’t have a portfolio at all.

So, while narrowing down the agencies, review their past portfolio and look for:

  • Relevant Metrics like Impressions, Cost, Clicks, Average CPC, Conversions, ROI, and more.
  • Creativity – Visuals & Ad Copy
  • Their Clients’ Budgets
  • Their Ability to Narrow Down their Clients’ Target Audience
  • Social Proof

Ensure that they Embrace Consistent Measurement

Today’s marketing world requires more than a team full of creative individuals. The right digital advertising agency will not just have a team full of creative individuals backing them up. Instead, they will have talented individuals who understand how to measure a campaign’s success, optimize campaigns, know the ins and outs of different advertising platforms, and more.

Ad agencies shouldn’t run from measurement. Instead, they should be the ones insisting you review the weekly or monthly reports they send your way.

In addition to this, they shouldn’t send your way over-complicated reports with dozens of metrics that you aren’t even familiar with. Their reports should be simple and comprise the most relevant metrics that’ll help you understand whether your campaigns are delivering results or not.

Understand Whether they Can Adapt Quickly

Some of the most successful ad campaigns are the ones that have been tried, tested, and optimized numerous times until they started delivering outstanding results.

Trust me – there’s no secret sauce to creating perfect advertising campaigns.

And if there’s any advertising agency in Boise claiming themselves to be perfect, then that’s another red signal right there.

Some tactics may work for your business, whereas others may not.

The right approach is to try and test campaigns until they start delivering outstanding results. And if there’s something wrong with the campaigns, then the advertising agency should be able to optimize it in real-time.

Continuous optimization is the key to success.

And if any ad agency tells you that there’s no need to make any changes, you need to avoid them.

Hire the Best Advertising Agency in Boise

We live in a fiercely competitive world. And if you want to climb the ladder of success, you’ll need a result-oriented advertising agency backing you up.

The right advertising agency will meet the five criteria we’ve explained in this blog post right off the bat.

At Redfox Visual, we deliver results. We don’t think of our clients as monthly retainers. Rather, we want them to be a part of our Redfox Visual family.  Our work speaks for ourselves. From the moment you reach out to us, our advertising team will guide you throughout the entire process. Moreover, we’ll plan, implement, track, and measure your advertising campaigns in a smart manner.

So, what are you waiting for?

Meet our experts today.

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