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5 Reasons Digital Marketing is Essential in 2021.

“Digital transformation is a journey without an end. However, it does have a beginning. And the time to act is now. Together, we need to zero in on customer’s business needs and put digital innovation to work for solving their problems out there in the real world.”
– Yan Lida

An IDC research piece indicates that 2/3rd of the CEOs of the Global 2000 organizations will shift their focus from those old-school traditional offline marketing strategies to modern digital tactics to reach out to customers on the channels they are the most active on and drive business growth.

In fact, 34% of businesses have fully expressed their desire to adopt digital transformation by the end of 2021.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has been wreaking havoc on our planet, most experts have claimed it to be the perfect storm for digital acceleration.

Back in Q1 2020, health and government officials announced nationwide lockdowns to curb the spread of the pandemic. As a result, most businesses had no other choice but to shut down their physical operations.

With almost everyone staying inside their homes, people started spending more and more time scrolling their social media feeds and interacting with their favorite brands across different digital channels.

From grocery shopping to purchasing that recently launched iPhone, we can easily have our favorite products delivered to our doorsteps.

Smart business owners have already started adapting to the ever-changing consumer behaviors and interests.

If you have launched or are planning to launch a new business in this rapidly changing environment, digital is the way to go.

From marketing your products online to delivering a memorable customer experience to interacting with your prospects/customers/clients, brands need to harness the power of numerous digital channels to meet their goals.

This blog post highlights the five reasons why digital marketing is essential for businesses in 2021.

5 Clear Reasons Digital Marketing is Essential for Your Business in 2021


Following are the five reasons you should take your marketing efforts online:

  • Keep Up with the Ever-Changing Customer Behavior & Preferences
  • Reach the Right People at the Right Time in the Right Place
  • Gives a Fighting Chance Against the Big Guns in the Industry
  • Easily Measurable
  • Helps Build Personalized Experiences

Keep Up with the Ever-Changing Consumer Behavior & Preferences


Craving those delicious McDonald’s burgers?

Within a few taps, you may have them delivered.

Planning to purchase a new home?

All you got to do is hop onto Google and explore those eye-catching online listings across different real estate platforms.

Consumers are online 24/7.

They expect you to have a bold online presence.

Not having a significant online presence will make them want to do business with one of your competitors. This means poor business performance and lower sales numbers for you.

That’s the reason it’s critical to keep up with the ever-changing customer behaviors and preferences.

Gone are the days when companies equip big-budget traditional marketing or advertising strategies like telemarketing, TV advertising, and print advertising.

Instead, these days, companies have already started realizing the need to market across different digital channels, including social media, email, and search engines.

Establishing a powerful online presence will help you reach out to a wide range of your target audience, boost your online traffic, increase brand awareness, skyrocket your conversion rate and take those profit numbers way up.

Reach the Right People at the Right Time in the Right Place


One of the biggest downsides of traditional marketing was that it didn’t ever allow businesses to select their target audience – prospects who are most likely to purchase their product(s) or service(s).

They ended up wasting their top dollars on campaigns targeting almost every person in the neighborhood, country, or world.

Digital marketing allows you to select your target audience and helps you reach out to them on platforms where they hang out the most at an appropriate time.

Gives a Fighting Chance Against the Big Guns in the Industry


Digital marketing effectively closes the gap between the small, medium, and large-sized companies, as it allows you to use all the much-needed resources required to reach out to a huge chunk of your prospects effectively.

In short, you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars on those old-school traditional advertising tactics like TV advertisements, print advertising, etc.

Instead, all you got to do is make your way to the social media platforms or use your email marketing tool and build and execute highly converting campaigns.

While the top-guns in the industry obviously can allocate more budget towards paid ads and advanced software purchase, SMBs get more opportunities to compete, build their own audience and improve brand awareness the smart way.

Easily Measurable


What if you are wasting your top advertising dollars on poorly-planned and executed campaigns delivering poor ROI?

If you are worried that you’ll never be able to figure out the reason behind the poor sales numbers and lower conversion rates, relax!

Digital marketing allows you to track the data and the required metrics to understand where you are currently standing, how well your campaigns are doing, their strengths and weaknesses, and more.

If there’s something wrong with your campaigns, carrying out thorough analysis will help you pinpoint the areas you need to capitalize on, helping you level up your marketing campaigns.

Paper that shows the stats of ROI of digital marketing

Helps Build Personalized Experiences


Consumers hate those same-old boring forwarded messages or emails.

Digital marketing helps businesses understand who their target audience is and allows customer segmentation, allowing them to build personalized experiences for different sets of customers.

So, if you target millennials residing in your local neighborhood, you can build personalized campaigns, allowing you to reach out to and convert as many of them as possible and deliver a truly memorable customer experience.

This will lead to increased brand loyalty and trust, higher sales numbers, and a boost in profit.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Digital Marketing


Don’t let your business fall prey to those old-school out-of-trend traditional marketing tactics.

Instead, it’s now time to adapt to the changing customer behavior and build a well-planned digital marketing strategy that’ll allow you to reach out to your target audience in an appropriate manner.

So, what are you waiting for?

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