How to Market a New Local Coffee Shop.

Did you know that in the last five years, the US has seen a 2.4% growth in the number of coffee shops each year? With the average person in the US drinking almost three cups of coffee every day, it’s no wonder that coffee shops continue to pop up all over the country! If you’re a coffee shop owner looking for a marketing strategy as strong as your brew, we’ve created one for you, complete with the most important marketing platforms and ideas for you to reach your customers. Let’s start with the marketing platforms your business needs to be on!

Essential Marketing Tools and Platforms for Coffee Shops (in Order!)

It all starts with good beans. Let’s make sure you have a firm foundation for your marketing strategy before getting to the nitty-gritty. Here are three different marketing tools and platforms you need to ace your marketing strategy.

1. Local Google Business Profile

The most important way your coffee shop can be discovered BEANS DOWN is through a Google Business Profile. This profile is the one-stop resource for all the business information your customers need to know. This includes:

  • Essential information like phone number, address, hours, directions, etc.
  • Customer reviews for your business
  • Photos of your coffee shop atmosphere and products
  • Your menu
  • Social profiles for your business (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • And much more!

Storytime. I was living abroad and teaching English in Thailand. Because I didn’t speak fluent Thai (or know how to type Thai characters), it was difficult for me to search online for restaurants and excursions. Google Business Profiles realllllly swooped in and gave me the support I needed! When I didn’t have time to walk around and look for restaurants in person, I could easily find something through a Google Business Profile (especially since most of these restaurants didn’t have websites or online menus). 

Google map results for search "restaurant in lom kao"

I scrolled through the pictures to see what kind of food they had, checked their business hours, and got directions through Google Maps with one simple Google search in English. 

While attracting travelers might not be your first priority, there’s no denying the power that Google Maps has. In fact, 84% of all Google searches are for discovery purposes and 86% of people look at the location of a business through Google Maps. This makes a Google Business profile the most important platform you should use for marketing your coffee shop.

Let’s look at how these profiles look online. They show up in three places:

  1. In branded search results (ex. search query: Broadcast Coffee)

Google search result for "broadcast coffee"

  1. In local search results (ex. coffee shops downtown boise)

Google search result for "boise coffee shops downtown"

  1. In Google Maps for local search results (ex. coffee shops downtown boise)

Google search result for "java boise"

Keep in mind that even if you don’t manage your own Google Business Profile, Google may still create one for you through your address in Google Maps. Customers can still leave reviews, photos, and suggested information can be added without being monitored by you. That’s why it’s critical you claim your profile and use it. 

2. Instagram and Facebook Pages

The first coffee houses originated in London in the mid-17th century. It was a place for intellectuals and politicians to share stories, news, and conduct business. Today, some coffee shops focus on selling coffee. Others focus on selling the “house” experience. To the modern digital world, coffee shops offer an enticing workspace with social outlets and refreshments. The number of remote and hybrid workers continues to rise, and coffee shops are stepping in as the office. 

While the “coffee shop office” may be controversial, there’s one key takeaway here. People aren’t just looking for fancy drinks. The ambiance and branding of your coffee shop may be just as important as your coffee. Facebook and Instagram are two social platforms where people seek out these kinds of experiences. Pictures of painted murals, latte art, and bitten croissants all tell your brand’s story. 

Here are a few Instagram posts featuring coffee shops that I find absolutely beautiful. And you better bet that I wouldn’t be stopping by just for the coffee!

1. Tierra Garat (Mexico City, Mexico)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Tierra Garat (@tierragarat)

Tierra Garat has beautiful natural wood and clay accents in this neutral coffee shop.

2. Anh Coffee Roastery (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

Anh Coffee Roastery uses bright pops of terra cotta pink and lush greenery to make a cheery and inviting space.

3. Felix Roasting Company (New York, NY)


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A post shared by FELIX Roasting Co. (@felixroastingco)

Felix Roasting Company transports you back in time with plush velvet couches, intricate tile, ornamental fixtures, and wall decor. 

4. Cafe Zal (Milan, Italy)

Cafe Zal mixes old worn brick with bright modern colors and lighting. 

5. Eden’s (Bangkok, Thailand)

Eden’s uses worn wallpaper, antique furniture, and botanical prints in their apothecary-styled shop. 

Moral of the story: don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your unique space on social media. 

3. Website

A website is an important marketing platform for coffee shops- especially if you’re a roaster who plans to sell their coffee beans online. This is the base platform for orders and gives your customers the full scoop of what you offer. Having a website will also help you with something called search engine optimization (SEO). SEO refers to how your business is being seen using a search engine (such as Google). To show up for search queries (such as “coffee shops downtown boise,” a website with your Google Business Profile will help you be seen in search results.

Low-Budget Coffee Shop Marketing Ideas

Maybe you’ve already used the marketing tools and platforms mentioned above. If so, we have low-budget recommendations to scale your marketing efforts even more. 

Be Intentional With Your Branding

Just as we mentioned before, most people aren’t coming to your coffee shop just for your drinks. Branding and the atmosphere of your storefront are all extremely important. Be intentional with the branding you choose and make sure it stays consistent on all of your marketing platforms.

Giveaways and Collaborations

Creating giveaways for your products on social media can greatly boost your customer base and social media following. In fact, in one study, Instagram accounts that ran regular giveaways and contests grew 70% faster than those that didn’t. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t spend a millisecond tapping a “follow” or “share” button for the chance of winning something free and delicious? Giveaways are a no-brainer way to attract new people to social profiles!

Collaborations are similar to giveaways, but they usually involve another business that wants to be involved. This is great to show that your local coffee shop is part of the local crowd. A local donut shop, bakery, ice cream shop (affogatos?), or bookstore are all great collaboration ideas.

Re-Share User Generated Content

User generated content can feel like a lifeline when you’re running out of time and ideas to create content of your own. Re-sharing content from happy customers makes less work for you and also provides social proof that people enjoy your products and shop!

Host Free Community Events

With high costs for prime commercial real estate, it makes sense to try and get the most use out of your space. Not only can events provide another source of income, but they can also help you network with other businesses and groups of potential customers. Consider renting your space out for special events like office Christmas parties, small live music concerts, after-hour tapas bar, and more.

Maintain Your Google Business Profile (And Don’t Ignore Your Reviews!)

Maintaining your Google Business Profile will make your business shine on Google, and can actually help with your SEO rankings too. We recommend doing the following bare-minimum tasks to maintain your profile:

  1. Respond to all of your reviews, good and bad.
  2. Upload high-quality photos to your profile.
  3. Post updates and products on your profile.

I’ll elaborate a bit on task #3. See how the District Coffee House is uploading news and information in the form of updates on their Google Business Profile? This signals to Google that they’re active, and it can help your profile rank higher. Posting your products on here (say, different roasts of coffee beans) can also make your business look legitimate and will signal to customers that you also sell your coffee beans.

The District Coffeehouse Google Business Profile

Provide Fast, Free Wifi

You might be struggling with the “coffee shop office” dilemma. If that’s where you’re at, this tip might not attract the type of customers you want. Definitely keep in mind that we live in the tech era, and even if you have a lot of freeloaders using your wifi, most customers will want to access wifi at some point during their sit (even if it’s just 5 minutes browsing their news app or scrolling Instagram). This could be a big competitive disadvantage if you don’t have a demographic that is willing to visit without free internet.

Allow Pets

This can be a tough one depending on where your coffee shop is located and the terms in your lease. But if possible, having a pet-friendly space will attract a customer demographic that is looking to be accommodated. An outdoor pet-friendly patio is a great way to allow pets!

Consider Google or Social Media Ads

Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads can give your small-scale marketing efforts a boost if you have the budget for them. The nice thing about these types of ads is you can get your business name directly in front of your target customers. You can target specific search queries on Google and show up as one of the top results without the need for organic SEO rankings. On Facebook and Instagram you can choose an audience within a location range near your shop (a small budget can go a long way on the local level). Boosted posts are a great way to cheaply allocate budget to your posts. Just make sure to represent your shop vibe in the creative materials you use. For example, Push and Pour represents the skating, mountain biking, kayaking, and river surfing crowd in most of their content.


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A post shared by Push & Pour ™️ (@pushandpour)

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