How to Hire the Right Web Design Agency for Your Idaho-Based Business in 2023.

Steve Jobs once said, “Design isn’t just what it looks and feels like. Design is how all of it flows and works.”

In our opinion, there’s no better way to describe the importance of good website design. Data fetched from Internet Live Stats indicates that over 1.9 billion websites exist on the internet. Most of them are businesses trying to reach out to and sell to their audience online.

But you’ll be shocked to know that despite investing thousands of dollars in their digital marketing efforts nearly 50% of businesses fail in the first five years.

Imagine investing $10,000 each month in paid advertising where you’re redirecting your audience to a web page that’s slow, poorly designed, lacking mobile-friendliness, and overall just providing a poor experience. You’re not only wasting $10,000 each month without decent returns but you’re also providing a negative user experience.

37% of website visitors will bounce if a website takes more than five seconds to load. A one-second delay will result in a 7% drop in conversions. Over 88% of online shoppers have reported that after having a disappointing user experience they’ll avoid that website and most likely not go back.

A good website design isn’t just about using the right visuals and having a sleek and unique design. What’s more important is how your website flows. If you plan to build your website from the ground up, it’s crucial to ensure you’re doing it right.

Your website acts like your company’s front desk. We want to help you build a stunning and highly-functional website for your Idaho-based business. We’ve put together four points businesses should consider when choosing a web design agency. Let’s take a look!

4 Points Businesses Should Consider to Find the Right Web Design Agency Fit For Their Business in Idaho

Here are 4 key points we’d recommend considering:

  1. Explore the Agency’s Website Yourself
  2. Browse the Agency’s Portfolio
  3. Find an Agency That Can Also Offer Other Digital Marketing Services
  4. Schedule a Call with the Agencies You’re Considering for Hire

Explore Their Website Yourself

After years of experience in the marketing arena, we’ve seen many top agencies charge too much for their services. You’ve maybe come across a website design quote for thousands of dollars to later find the delivered site poorly designed and non-functional. If you hop on that agency’s own website you might just see that it also lacks the quality you’d expected!

If you’re planning to hire a web design agency view their website to see if it’s mobile-friendly, has different page sections, and provides an overall positive user experience. Consider website loading speed and conduct a thorough analysis. Remember that the designers who built and maintain their website are most likely the same ones to build yours.

We want to ensure that our website and our clients’ websites fully deliver. Our website speed and mobile-friendliness are highly valued components for our site.

Our Desktop Website Speed

Redfox website speed

Our Mobile Website Speed

Redfox website speed

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Redfox mobile website display

Browse Their Portfolio

After exploring an agency’s website, make sure to review the websites they’ve developed for their clients. Try to find an agency portfolio. If they don’t have one, reach out to one of their experts and send a request.

Beware that some agencies publish fake portfolios. Check for authenticity by heading to the very bottom of the page (or footer). If they’ve designed and developed a website, you’ll see something like this:

Redfox Visual development web signature



If you don’t, that might be a red flag!s

We try to make things simple for our clients. See our online portfolio here.

Find an Agency That Can Also Offer
Other Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is a strategic process. Over 1.8 billion websites exist on the internet. Your competitors are already trying to gain that #1 position on search engines and attract the same set of customers you are.

Designing and developing a stunning website isn’t enough anymore. If you’re building a great website, you need to ensure you’re attracting your audience to it. That’s the reason it’s advisable to reach out to a web design agency that offers other digital marketing services like:

Once you have your website designed and developed, most agencies would love nothing more than to build a strategic roadmap to help you attract traffic and (ultimately) convert them into paying customers/clients.

Schedule a Call with The Agencies You’re Planning to Hire

Book a strategy call with the agency. If possible, ask them if their website designers can join the call also. Doing this will help you learn whether they have the knowledge, tools, and experience required to build a highly stunning and functional website.

Throughout your call, we’d advise you to ask them the following questions:

  • Do you have any experience in our industry? If yes, have you tackled similar projects?
  • What does your website design and development process look like?
  • Will our website be a “customized theme” or fully custom?
  • What CMS do you recommend? Why?
  • How long will the project take?
  • What kind of quality checks and testing does your team perform before the launch?
  • How will you handle security, maintenance, and hosting?
  • What’s the price? And what’s included in it?
  • Could you please share any client references?

These are just to list a few. Depending on your needs, industry, and business model, you can ask more specific questions to evaluate if they could be the right fit for your company.


Follow these steps to help find the right web design agency for your Idaho-based business. There will be numerous “expert” agencies in your area that’ll claim themselves to be the real deal.

Make sure to do your research. If you’re investing thousands of dollars in website design and development, we encourage you to take the steps needed to evaluate your local options.

Please feel free to explore our website, web portfolio, services section, and reach out to schedule a call. We love nothing more than to discuss your website requirements and discuss any questions you may have.

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