5 Reasons Businesses Should Tap into the Power of Digital Advertising in 2022.

“Many a small thing has been made large
by the right type of advertising.”
– Mark Twain

Over $356 billion were spent on digital advertising in 2020. And while we don’t have the latest numbers, data fetched from a report indicates that the digital advertising spend has been predicted to reach $460 billion by 2020. That itself is huge.

For every dollar you invest in paid advertising (Google Ads), you may expect an average $2 ROI. That’s a whopping 200% return – however, it’s important to note that if you are running paid ads, you need to plan and executive your campaigns strategically. 

When compared with organic traffic, PPC traffic yields 50% more conversions. However, that does not mean that you should end up spending all your marketing budget on running paid ad campaigns. You should parallelly focus on other digital marketing tactics like SEO, email marketing, social media marketing.

But what our point here is that – digital advertising has been at the forefront of the digital revolution. And if you are running a business and struggling with your sales or maybe can’t get your prospects to book a call with you, you need to tap into the power of digital advertising today.

This blog post lists down the five BIG reasons businesses should invest their top dollars in paid advertising. 

Without further ado, let’s have a look.


5 BIG Reasons Businesses Should Tap into the
Power of Paid Advertising in 2022

79% of advertisers have reported that PPC has turned out to be widely beneficial for the business they’re a part of or work with. Let’s learn the five big reasons why digital advertising works as well as it does:

  • Generates Instant Results
  • Delivers a High ROI
  • Ability to Laser-Focus on Your Target Audience
  • Allows Businesses to Track Results in Real-Time
  • Goes Hand in Hand with Other Digital Marketing Strategies

Let’s have a look at each of these reasons one by one.

Generates Instant Results

Despite spending thousands of dollars on SEO, you will have to wait for six months to a year before you see any results. While SEO is a brilliant digital marketing strategy, if you run an SMB based in Idaho, you may want to generate sales or get your clients to book a call with you straight away. 

We understand. And a great way to do so is by running strategic digital advertising campaigns on the platform(s) of your choice. Digital advertising generates instant results. And by instant, we mean that your ad campaigns will be approved by the advertising platforms within 24-48 hours. Most times, it takes less than 24 hours. 

And when your ads are live, if you have implemented them strategically, you’ll witness a surge in your website traffic. And as your prospects start landing on your website, if you have a strategic marketing funnel and all the elements in the right place, you’ll see them taking the desired action, i.e., anything you want them to do.

If you want them to purchase one of your products, then you can make sure that your ads redirect them to that particular product’s page.   

Delivers a High ROI

For any digital marketing strategy or tactic to work, you need to plan things ahead of time and most importantly, you should plan and execute them in a systematic manner. 

And if you build a conversion-focused digital advertising campaign, we are assuming that you have set your target audience, target keyword, bid, visuals, copy, and just about everything right.

And if that’s the case, you’ll literally see your ads delivering a high ROI. As we mentioned before, for every dollar you invest in paid advertising, you may expect an average $2 ROI.

But if your digital advertising campaigns are planned and implemented strategically, then you may expect a return much higher than $2. According to a report, paid advertising is one of the top three generators of on-page conversions.  

Ability to Laser-Focus on Your Target Audience

Paid advertising would have sucked if you didn’t get to laser-focus on your target audience. After all, you wouldn’t want to reach out to people based in New York if your target audience comprises of people residing in Idaho.

Luckily, advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more allow businesses to select who their target audience is – by allowing them to choose their interests, location, gender, income level, and more. 

This means – if you run a pest control business based in Boise, you can select your target audience as people based in Boise with interests in pest control agencies. Your ads will only be presented in front of them when people based in Boise search for something like “pest control agency” or “pest control” – subject to keywords you are targeting.

Allows Businesses to Track Results in Real-Time

As good as paid advertising is, we’ve witnessed businesses lose thousands of dollars, all thanks to a lack of planning, monitoring, and implementation. 

Just like any other digital marketing strategy, digital advertising is a strategic process. And if you want your ads to deliver the best possible results, you need to do a lot of testing, measuring, and optimization. 

This means – even if you plan and implement everything right, you may not generate results. And if you are not generating results, it’s extremely important to find out why.

Maybe something’s wrong with the customer personas you’ve set. Or maybe you are not targeting the right set of keywords. What if your creative visuals or ad copy aren’t conversion-focused?

The possibilities are endless. And if you want to learn whether your paid advertising campaigns are delivering the desired results or not, we’d advise you to monitor your progress in real-time. This applies – even if your ads are delivering good results. Constant monitoring and optimization will help you not only save your top dollars but also get the most out of the money you’re investing.

Goes Hand in Hand with Other Digital Marketing Strategies

Let’s say you want to generate high-quality leads by getting your audience to submit their details in exchange for a high-quality lead magnet you have sitting on your website. A great way to do this is by building a digital advertising campaign – which will redirect your audience to that particular lead magnet’s landing page where you can get your audience to submit the lead capture form.

This means – paid advertising goes hand in hand with content marketing. And the same is the case with SEO and paid advertising.

Google takes into consideration various factors, including how much time your website visitors stay on your website pages and the manner in which they interact with your website.

Now, if you don’t have a world full of traffic landing on your website, then Google knows that your website is subject to little-to-no engagement. However, on the other hand, as you redirect your audience to your website, engagement on your website will increase. And if your website delivers a great experience and is actually visually appealing, then your audience will stay on your website for a much longer period – which Google will consider as a positive signal.

This will ultimately help you boost your search engine rankings. 


Paid advertising, without a doubt, is one of the top digital marketing strategies that will help you grow your business. Think of running digital advertising campaigns as giving a boost to your business.

But – as we mentioned before, if you are running paid ad campaigns, make sure that you are doing it right. From keywords research to building conversion-focused ads, it’s important to ensure that you are delivering the complete experience.

At redfox visual, our experts have helped hundreds of businesses grow their business with our strategic paid ad processes, frameworks, and systems. And we would love nothing more than to help you out.

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