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46% of all Google searches include local intent. You’ll be shocked to know that four out of every five consumers use search engines to look up local businesses or information.    

This means if you cater to a local audience, you can’t afford not putting your business in front of them. For example, our target audience comprises small and medium-sized business owners based in Boise, Idaho. That’s the reason you’ll see us ranking at the top of Google SERPs for keywords:

“web design agency boise”
“digital marketing agency boise”
“social media marketing agency near me”

Note: Here, ‘near me’ is applicable for people searching from within Boise.

So – if you run a pest control business in Boise, you’d want to appear at the top of Google SERPs for keywords like “pest control boise” or “pest control agency near me.”

Or, if you are in charge of a Boise-based local dental office, you’d want to rank at the top for keywords “boise dentist” or “top dentists near me.” 

And in a nutshell, that’s what local SEO is all about. Your local audience is already looking up a business online offering the same services that you do. 

And even if you sell the best product or offer the best service in town, you’ll face a hard time attracting traffic towards your website or generating leads if your business doesn’t rank at the top of Google for relevant local keywords.

Not many business owners are familiar with the concept of Local SEO. And if you’re reading this guide, there’s a good chance you’d like to establish a strong online local presence. And to help you with your efforts, we’ve put together this brilliant local SEO guide. Here, we’ll learn what local SEO is and the reasons why businesses should tap into it.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a popular digital marketing strategy that involves implementing different tactics to boost the online visibility of local businesses. It’s similar to organic SEO – but here, the only difference is that you’ll be optimizing your website and applying other tactics to rank at the top of SERPs for relevant local keywords.

This means – if you run a dental clinic in New York, you’ll be implementing the tactics to rank at the top for keywords – “new york dentist” or “top new york dental clinics.”

Some common tactics associated with local SEO include:

  • Conducting thorough local keywords research
  • Optimizing Google Business Profile
  • Building “NAP” citation
  • Optimizing for voice search
  • Create top-quality content based on local events or news stories
  • Using location-specific pages
  • And more!

Upon applying the right set of tactics and strategies, you can make your business appear at the top of “Local SEO 3-Pack.”

According to reports, the 3-Pack receives a majority of clicks. At the same time, it’s important to note that local 3-Pack appears in 93% of overall Google local-intent searches.

Wondering what the Local SEO 3-Pack is?

Let’s look up “pest control agency boise.”

Here’s what we got:

Ladies & Gentlemen, that’s what the 3-Pack is. 

That being said, let’s look at the three reasons local businesses should tap into the power of Local SEO.

3 Reasons Local SEO is Critical for Local Businesses

Following are the three reasons local businesses should tap into local SEO:

  • Helps Attract Both New & Already-Existing Local Audience
  • The Rising Demand for Local 
  • Drives Qualified Search Traffic


Helps Attract Both New & Already-Existing Local Audience

Let’s look up the keyword “seo” on Ahrefs:

Its difficulty stands at 96. In the world of marketing, that’s literally impossible to beat. 

Now, let’s fetch the same information for the keyword “seo boise”:


The keyword difficulty is 24 – which is medium. 

Even though the volume for keyword “seo boise” stands at 500 and is on the lower end, these are local business owners based in Boise looking forward to hiring SEO specialists.

And since we help local businesses dominate their SEO efforts, it makes sense for us to target the keyword “seo boise.” 

Whether you’re based in Downtown, Los Angeles or Ghosttown, Oakland, you can attract both new and already-existing customers to your website or get them to dial in your number by targeting the relevant local keywords. 

Here are the 3-pack results for the keyword “bakery boise”:

If I am planning to order a cake or pastry, or dessert, I’ll probably be reaching out to one of the three results that appear in the 3-Pack. Similarly, if you want to attract huge traffic towards your website or receive an ever-increasing number of inquiry calls, you need to ensure that your website ranks at the top of SERPs for local keywords and Google 3-Pack.

Our experts have helped numerous SMBs conquer their Local SEO goals in a strategic manner. And we can do the same for you. 

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The Rising Demand for Local

While large corporations have turned out to be successful, we’re witnessing a rising demand for local products. These days, people are looking forward to supporting small businesses over mega-corporations in their efforts to show their support plus stimulate the local economy. 

It’s just like the “David vs. Goliath” story out there. People, these days, are concerned about local stores and critical of online powerhouses or big-box stores.

They want to contribute their money towards stimulating the local economy – which is why it’s a perfect opportunity to start building your online local presence.

Drives Qualified Search Traffic

Let’s say you run an Indian restaurant based in Boise and deliver all across Idaho. Obviously, you’d want to receive orders from people based in Idaho. 

But what if someone based in New York dialed your number? Worse – what if you receive thousands of similar calls every single day? You’d grow frustrated, right?

Local SEO can help you appear at the top for local keywords or when people based in your neighborhood search for relevant keywords. This will help you weed out irrelevant searches and drive highly qualified traffic towards your website.

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