Web Design: 3 Critical Aspects To Consider When Choosing Your Website Colors.

We’re going to talk all about why choosing your website colors is critical during the web design process. Did you know that your website’s color scheme can have a gigantic-sized impact on your audience’s purchase decisions? 

That’s right.

Data fetched from a KISSMetrics report indicates that:

  • 93% of consumers have reported that they place the appearance and color of a website over other factors while making a purchasing decision.
  • Brand recognition that directly links to customer confidence is increased by a staggering 80% due to a good color scheme.
  • 85% of shoppers have reported that a website’s factor is the primary factor they consider in their decision to buy a product.

These days, people subconsciously judge a product or environment within 90 seconds of initially viewing it. And you’ll be shocked to know that about 62-90% of the assessment relies on the color scheme itself.

And it’s not just the colors. Alongside colors, you also need to focus on building strong visual collaterals like logo, website design, and more – which will all work together to help you build a rock-solid brand identity.

But it is important to note that if you choose a suitable color scheme geared towards your target audience and business model, you’ve already won the battle.

For example, Starbucks’ primary color is green. And while green gives the impression of wealth, it’s also a relaxing and easy-going color that makes Starbucks’ customers feel at ease.

Starbucks logo on a window with green.

Another great example is McDonald’s. It is no coincidence that one of the largest food chains globally uses the colors red and yellow. They chose yellow because it’s bright and warm – which is associated with happiness. Red is associated with elevated heart rate and also catches people’s attention. Both colors contribute together to make people feel hungry and happy. 

McDonalds fries photo

Choosing the right color scheme is crucial and can be a game-changer for your business. 

To help you win the long game, we’ve put together the three critical aspects businesses should consider while choosing their website colors.

Let’s have a look.

3 Critical Aspects Businesses Should Consider
While Choosing Their Website Color Scheme

Following are the three critical aspects businesses should consider while choosing their website color scheme:

  • Learn How Colors Affect Emotions
  • Dive Deep into Your Business Model, Industry & Overall Demographic
  • Gain Insights into Color Combinations

Learn How Colors Affect Emotions

“Colors that define a brand don’t just facilitate brand recognition. They can also have a profound impact on customers’ emotions.”
– Anonymous

Whether you are looking forward to building your website from the ground up or revamping it in 2022, you first need to learn and understand how different colors affect emotions.  

Here’s a color psychology graphic we fetched from here.

Color psychology chart

As you can see, the color blue is associated with peace and calm, trust, confidence, and loyalty. Using blue is an excellent way of building trust and putting your audience at ease. 

Blue is associated with calm and peace – this comes from feelings people experience when near water. So when your customers see blue on your website, you’ll be putting their subconscious minds at ease. 

At the same time, purple is associated with luxury, power, ambition, creativity. If you are selling a high-ticket item and want your audience to feel powerful, purple is the color to use.

Different colors are associated with different emotions, and it’s not advisable to use just one.

You should consider your target demographics, business model, and vision – based on that, choose a color scheme comprising two to three colors that help you build a strong brand identity.

Dive Deep into Your Business Model,
Industry & Overall Demographic

As we mentioned before, choosing the right color scheme is essential. But when you are doing so, you need to consider your target demographic, business model, and industry.

Ask yourself:

  • Who are you trying to reach? 
  • What’s the first thing you want your audience to feel when interacting with your brand and its products and services?
  • What’s their gender? Different age groups like different colors. If you’re targeting a particular age group and have a color scheme that they don’t enjoy, you’ll have low conversions.
  • What’s your product/service? For example, McDonald’s is a food chain – so they want to trigger hunger and happiness, which is why they used the colors red and yellow.
  • What industry are you in? For example, if you’re selling bottled water, you may choose the color blue to represent the physical product and calm feelings.

We’d advise you to consider several factors:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Needs 

Check out this article from Fast Company that’ll help you gain insights into how different colors trigger different emotions. 

Gain Insights into Color Combinations

As mentioned before, different colors trigger different emotions. But a good website scheme isn’t just about one website color. Instead, it’s a perfect combination of colors that go well together. 

Your color combination will help you convey your message. So it’s crucial to make sure that your color combination is brilliant and not something random.

While there are millions of color schemes, if you want to put your best foot forward, it’s essential to understand the following six color schemes:

  • Monochromatic
  • Analogous
  • Complementary 
  • Triadic
  • Tetradic

Monochromatic Color Scheme

This color scheme uses different variations by adjusting the tones, shades, and tints.  

Color wheel showing all colors

Analogous Color Scheme

This color scheme is made of colors side-by-side in the color wheel.

Color wheel showing all colors

Complementary Color Scheme

Opposites attract! This color scheme is made of colors that are on the opposite ends in the color wheel.

Color wheel showing all colors

Triadic Color Scheme

A triadic color scheme is your safest bet. This color scheme is made of three colors, creating a triangle within the color wheel.

Color wheel showing all colors

Tetradic Color Scheme

This color scheme is made of four points opposite of each other on the color wheel in a rectangular form.

Color wheel showing all colors


Choosing a suitable color scheme is essential. Your website is your business’s front desk. It’s at the center of all your digital marketing efforts.

And no matter how good your marketing and advertising efforts are- if your website color scheme doesn’t trigger the right emotions, you’ll face a hard time creating a great impression and winning your audience’s hearts.

At redfox visual, we’ve mastered the art of choosing a color scheme that helps our clients catch their audience’s attention, trigger their emotions, and build a solid brand from the ground up.

And if you are facing a hard time choosing the right color scheme for your website, allow us to help you out!

Contact our web design and branding experts today.

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