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This is an EXCLUSIVE service ONLY for current REDFOX clients!

Get something your competition can't.

Did you know that we keep ALL the footage we've ever shot for our clients? It doesn't matter if we've done 1 project with you or 10, we have hours of footage just sitting in our archives. You can even send us videos you shoot yourself and we can edit them into useful marketing ads for you!

Get videos like THESE every month!

Get fresh, new content every week to keep your business active online and engage your customers.

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What you get.

We have hours and hours of footage of YOUR business from past video shoots. Think of the potential that footage has! We can use that footage to create as many as 12 videos for you every month. You can even send us videos and photos you've shot yourself (even if it's smartphone footage) and we can turn them into fantastic videos! Our monthly video-on-demand services include:

  • Consistent monthly promotional content.
  • Monthly content strategy
  • Weekly content delivery
  • Videos up to 90sec in length - PERFECT for social media platforms
  • Motion graphic text animations to display your message
  • Videos in any orientation (landscape for YouTube, square for social media, or portrait for social media posts and stories)
  • Fresh music tracks for every new video

72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. - HubSpot

3 monthly Video On-Demand plans to fit your budget.

Choose an option that fits your business AND your budget.


4 Videos Per Month



8 Videos Per Month



12 Videos Per Month


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Does this save you money?

It ABSOLUTELY does. Our standard hourly rate for post-production is $125/hr. It usually takes 6-10 hours or more to create a video up to 90sec from existing footage. That's $750-$1,250 per video, which can add up fast! The above rates start as low as $500 per video! So the cost savings is HUGE!

Benefits of consistent content marketing:

Why this is a good idea.

Increased Brand Awareness

Better Brand Authority

Increased Inbound Traffic

Higher Audience Retention

Improved Google Rankings

Stronger Social Presence

Higher Conversion Rates

Provide Customer Value

Video On-Demand FAQs

Does Video On-Demand include any filming?

No. We will use the hours and hours of footage we already have from past shoots to create your video content.

How long will each video be?

All of the videos included can be up to 90sec in length. Some social media platforms require videos to be less than 60sec, but you choose what you need each month!

Do I get to decide what videos I want?

Yes! We will work with you to create these videos based on what you want and need.

Can I shoot my own video and send it to you?

Yes! We can use your footage or photos (even if it was just shot on your phone) and create some great content for you!

What if the videos I send you have audio? Like client tesstimonials.

That's just fine! While we can't include professional voice-over, we CAN create testimonials and other content using video with audio that you send us.

Will I get revisions to my videos if I need changes?

Yes! Just like our standard projects, you get 1 round of revisions to make sure the videos are exactly what you want. We will strategize with you before we make your videos though, so you shouldn't need many revisions.

Do I get to decide how, where, and when I want to use my videos?

Yes! We will work with you each month to plan out your video strategy. Once you have the videos they are YOURS. So you can use them forever, whenever, whatever.

If I don't need as many videos for a certain month, can I save them up for another month?

No. The point of this service is consistency in your outbound marketing. If you don't have enough ideas for all the videos you want, we will help you decide what to do! That's our job!

Can I cancel Video On-Demand if I no longer want it?

Yes! The service is month-to-month. While we will be sad to see you go, you can cancel prior to your next month's billing cycle.

Will my videos include Voice Over narration?

Standard plans do not include voice over narration - but they can include this at additional cost (gotta pay the voice actor!). With text animations though, the message can be clearly displayed!

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