The Power of Influence

This week, I’m taking a different route to talk about something that is on everyone’s mind: “influencers.”

There are so many different types of influencers; health, gaming, makeup, food, literally any niche. You can find most influencers on Instagram and YouTube, but they are also seeping their way onto Tik Tok. 

Influencers are a hefty investment for companies but have a huge ROI; 520%, to be exact.

Three out of four Americans say that they have purchased something that an influencer suggested, but why? 


Why are influencers so influential?

Well, think about how they have influenced you personally. You chose to follow an influencer because they are passionate about similar things that you are. You wouldn’t follow a fitness influencer because you occasionally work out; you follow them because you are also passionate about fitness and want to learn new tips and tricks. 


Let’s take a look back and think about where this fad began. 2010, the Old Spice commercials campaigns, “The Man, Your Man Could Smell Like.” This was a pivotal moment in marketing because it created the idea of having a face behind a brand. People wanted to be like Isaiah Mustafa, so they purchased Old Spice. Just like that, Influencer marketing was born. 


Jump to 6 years later, and brands are having celebrities be the face of their brand. I remember seeing Kylie Jenner with that FitTea ads, and I can admit she almost got me. At the age of 18, come on who wouldn’t want to be like Kylie Jenner?

Now present day, we now have mega-influencers with over a million followers, macro-influencers who have over 40,000, and a micro-influencer who has under 40,000. There are half a million influencers on Instagram alone, and they are making up to $32,000 per brand deal. Not only are they getting paid heaps of money, but they are continually being sent PR boxes. So rich people are getting free stuff, yeah, that makes sense.


Why do we fall for it?

We rely on social proof: the idea that if it works for them, it will, for sure, work for me.

Let me show you.

When purchasing a product, do you read the reviews? And when reading the reviews, do you rely on the pictures more than the written reviews?

That’s what I thought; yes, and yes. Social proof: you want to see something in use before purchasing it. You want to know if you are getting the bang for your buck. If other people enjoy a product, you know you will too.

So you see an influencer that you follow post a photo with a product. Don’t lie to yourself; you know you clicked on the link to the product website, but you didn’t buy it, phew. But what if that influencer posts that product multiple times? Studies show that you have to see or hear about a product 7 times before taking action. 

Oh, so that’s why influencers posts about one product more than once.

I’m glad it’s all clicking.


Why does your business need to use influencer marketing?

The power of individuals has awakened. No one wants to see companies’ ads on their feed. No one wants to see a paid actor use products. They want to see a “real person.” No need to use a celebrity either because who believes celebrities these days anyways. 92% of consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement or traditional celebrity endorsement. This is because influencers with no celebrity ties are seen as our peers. Influencer marketing is more approachable than corporate advertising. I know I am more likely to purchase an item that my “peer” uses, rather than one on a TV commercial. Social proof is critical and is why, as a business, influencers big or small are beneficial to your company. 

I know from experience it works. The amount of times I have bought something because of an influencer’s recommendation is too many times to count. 

Influencers are the new wave, and as marketers, we have to change and adapt.

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