The Importance of Blogging

Why should I make a blog? You may be asking after reading the title. Well honestly, there is a lot of benefits in writing a weekly or even a monthly blog post. As you may have noticed, I post a blog post every week (shameless plug). What if I told you that I blog post every week to place higher on the search engine? What if I also told you that it has created more leads for REDFOX VISUAL?


Follow along, and I will show you how a simple blog post can be beneficial to not only your website but also your business. 


Search Engine Optimization Boost

As a marketer, this is something I suggest to our clients if they want to have better SEO. Blogs are beneficial to your site’s SEO because it creates an opportunity for you to insert relevant keywords that consumers are searching for—the more your company blogs, the more fresh and new content for search engines to index. 


Blogs build relationships 

Blogs allow for customer engagement that creates a brand and personality for your company. Blog posts are more conversational, so it makes it easier to connect with new and existing customers. It allows you to build trust with your customers through the creation of relevant content just as my snarky blog posts each week create a personality for REDFOX VISUAL.


Drives traffic

Everyone wants more traffic to their site. Traffic means more conversions and more customers.


But how do blogs drive traffic you may be asking.


Writing blogs on a weekly to monthly basis creates relevant content and new indexed webpages. Search engines indexing one more page creates one more opportunity for you to show up in search engines and drive traffic to your website in organic search. Blogs also tell search engines that your website is active so that they should be checking your content more frequently.


Establishes authority

When a customer has a question about your service, do you think they will take their time to type a number into their phone? If you answered yes, you are expecting way too much of your customer. You want your blog to answer the questions they may be asking. This blog I am writing right now is a prime example. I am typing this blog (blog writing is one of our services offerings FYI) to explain to potential clients the importance of having a blog on their website for longterm success. I am imagining it now, a client asks us why they even need a blog, and boom, we send them this blog about the importance of blogs. Answered our client’s question with a blog, quick and easy.


Blog posts create authority. By answering a customer’s question about a service or product with a blog post, you’ve formed trust. I was looking up a question about social media the other day, and a social media software wrote the blog, which led me to download the software because I trusted the brand by their ability to answer my broad question with specific answers. 


When typing a question into the Google search, I can promise you 9/10 times it is a blog post that answers it. Just now, imagine it’s your businesses’ blog post with the answer. 


Creates an opportunity for sharing

Just as I am about to share this on all of REDFOX VISUAL’s social media platforms, this also creates the opportunity for other sites to create a backlink to my blog post (backlinks are also useful for SEO FYI). People are more likely to share a blog post rather than an “Our Services” page of your website.


 Why, you ask? 


Because a blog post is a relevant and informative tool that every business needs to take advantage of. 


When I say post a blog post, to be clear, it’s not a “Happy Friday, here’s what our business did this week” save that for your newsletter or Facebook page updates. A blog post is between 500 to 2,000 words that answer questions about your businesses’ services, products or current events that affect your industry. Your blog doesn’t always have to be factual; it can have your take or opinion on a subject. Just make sure your blog fits your company’s brand image and voice, and you’ve got yourself a successful blog. 


Want me to write your business blogs? I can write more professionally, I promise. Give us a call.


But while your checking with your boss about starting a blog page, tune in next week for my informational mixed with opinion blogs. 


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