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The Benefits of Landing Pages

You may be asking yourself, “first off, what is a landing page?”


Well, google’s definition it is a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign.


When you click on a google ad you are more than likely taken to a landing page that was crafted specifically for that ad campaign. Landing pages have a wide variety of benefits but I am going to share five.


Landing pages increase conversions

 A landing page creates a clear action for users to take while making it easy for them to take that action. Sometimes sending a user to one of your webpages isn’t enough. With landing pages, you can create content specific to your marketing campaign that the user was already searching for. Killing two birds with one stone as some would like to say. 


Landing pages help support your business goals

Landing pages directly support your business goals by reaching a new market, promoting a product, getting more customers, or making more sales. Landing pages are a must because the content is made specifically to reach customers and accomplish goals. Just as mentioned before landing pages encourage people to take action with multiple buttons that say things like “buy now”, “sign up today”, “get your free quote”, etc. This type of messaging is an example of a business trying to accomplish their business goals: buy a product, get more email contacts, get more subscribers, get more sales, etc. 


Landing pages help generate data and insights

Landing pages are a great opportunity to test different types of content to get a better understanding of your target audience.  These types of insights can help you refine your knowledge of your target audience and your campaign strategies.


Landing pages help grow your email list

Landing pages can be used for lead generation. Businesses can accomplish this through form submissions or a user filling out a popup. If you use a form or popup on your landing page that asks for an email, your landing page can benefit your business by growing your email list. When growing your email list you have the opportunity to create an email campaign that can retarget when your landing pages just weren’t enough. Having a potential customer’s email can ensure that your business stays on their mind and creates more opportunities to convert that user. 


Landing pages create credibility

When a user feels like their search query is being answered with your landing page, they recognize that you understand their problems and have put time and thought into creating a solution. 

Testimonials are a must-have on your landing pages. By adding testimonials to your landing pages, it creates social proof that gives peace of mind to users when taking the next steps with your company. 

Landing pages improve brand awareness

When designing a landing page, the landing page must be consistent with your business’s brand. Consistent branding helps to improve brand awareness. When a user lands on your landing page, they’ll become more familiar with your business’s brand. Yes, your landing pages should be consistent with your brand but make sure to give the user a reason to remember your brand, make it spicy in other words. 

Did I convince you to make landing pages yet?

What should I write about next week?

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