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The Significance of SEO in Web Design.

“A website without SEO is similar to a car with no gas.”
– Paul Cookson

According to Internet Live Stats, Google processes nearly 40,000 search queries each second on average. This sums up to 3.5 billion search queries every single day and 1.2 trillion each year.

While Google is the leading search engine worldwide, it’s not the only one there is.

People hop on to various other search engines like Bing, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Yandex for one purpose or another.

With such an exponential rise in the number of people browsing the web, more and more businesses have begun launching their own websites and E-Commerce stores.

This has led to fierce competition, making it extremely difficult for business owners to efficiently reach out to and attract their audience.

Amidst this dense crowd, if you want to stand out and establish a strong online presence, having a brilliantly designed, easy-to-use, simple, and sleek website is a must.

On top of this, it’s important to note that Google focuses on delivering the most relevant results to its audience, which is why it considers certain SEO and web design performance factors like mobile-friendliness, website speed, easy-to-read design, navigation, sitemaps while ranking your website.

Not focusing on these aspects will jeopardize your content marketing efforts. Hence, it’s critical to have these web design and SEO components mingle and flow together, helping you not only deliver an outstanding experience to your audience but also boost your search engine rankings.

Let’s look at a few of the factors you should be focusing on.

These are the SEO & Web Design Elements You Should Focus On


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Following are the points where the SEO & Web Design roads connect:

  • Mobile-Friendliness
  • Navigation
  • Website Speed
  • Easy-to-Read Design



Digital 2021 April Global report indicates that nearly 67.1% of the world population are unique mobile phone users, taking the count up by 1.9% compared to last year’s data.

92.8% of overall internet users own smartphones, and the estimated amount of time an average user spends browsing the internet stands at 3.5 hours.

With such a huge chunk of people browsing the web using their mobile devices, businesses need to build a mobile-friendly website.

More than 50% of your website visitors will head over to your website via their smartphones. So, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you will be leaving a bad impression, leading to a poor customer experience. This will, in turn, result in a huge bounce-off rate, leading to low rankings.

Google considers mobile-friendliness as one of their critical SEO ranking factors. Hence, while designing your website, make sure your website is mobile-friendly.



Poor web design may confuse your website visitors, leading to a poor experience.

And there’s no other element that may tamper usability as much as website navigation design.

What if one of your website visitors wants to head over to the “Resources” or maybe the “Pricing” section, yet is unable to do so, all thanks to poor website navigation?

This will result in a huge bounce-off rate.

Having a clear and well-defined navigation menu will help you make sure that your website visitors can easily find what they want. This will lead to a great customer experience and bring your audience further down the sales cycle. In addition, search engine crawlers will easily navigate your website, leading to increased search engine rankings.

Some of the benefits of better navigation include:

  • Reduced Bounce-Off Rate
  • Saves Everyone’s Time
  • Brings Your Audience Further Down the Sales Cycle
  • Great User Experience
  • Better Usability
  • Increased Search Engine Rankings


Website Speed


Your website loading speed shouldn’t be more than 3 seconds. If it is, you’ll see a higher number of your website traffic bouncing off.

Website speed is one of the critical technical SEO factors. While designing your website, you need to focus on optimizing your images, eliminating those unnecessary plugins, and allowing browser caching.

Nothing will frustrate your audience more than poor loading speed. And if you don’t take the much-required steps to lower your website loading time, your users will bounce off, abandon their carts, or worse – reach out to one of your competitors.

Your website speed will also affect search engines’ crawling ability. For example, if Google finds it hard to crawl your website pages due to poor loading speed, you won’t have many pages indexed.

This means they will not be considered while determining your website’s rankings.

In short, while designing your website, it’s a must to focus on your website loading speed.

Easy-to-Read Design


Up until now, you may have spent a lot of time naturally blending in the relevant SEO keywords in your website content or blog posts.

While it’s important to deliver truly value-adding content pieces, what’s equally important is how you are presenting it on your website.

What if you are publishing top-tier content on your website yet aren’t focusing on whether it’s easily readable or not?

Poor web design may make it incredibly difficult for your website visitors to read your website content.

Pages with too many hyperlinks, blocks of content across different areas may turn your audience off, as it will make it extremely difficult for them to consume information.

So, while designing your website, focus on the overall design and few other factors like color, text, background, saturation, and more.

Make sure everything goes well with your brand tone and color.



“No website can stand without a strong backbone. And this strong backbone is technical SEO.”
– Neil Patel

Dominate this crowded market by designing your website such that it heavily focuses on the above-mentioned elements.

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