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Redesigning Your Website? Learn How to Keep Your SEO Rankings Unharmed.

Imagine losing your first page rankings just because you chose to redesign your website. That’d just break your heart, wouldn’t it? Not just yours, but we’d hate to see you lose your rankings.

94% of the overall first-time impressions relate to the website design. You can’t afford to have a poor website design. At the same time, you can’t afford to lose your first position on search engines.

Companies love updating their websites frequently. They love those small-scale changes. But, full-scale redesigns where you overhaul your page content and architecture can seriously hurt your SEO rankings.

So, you need to make sure that you do it right. This blog post lists out the four tips that you should consider to avoid sabotaging your search engine rankings while redesigning your website.

4 Tips You Should Consider to Avoid Sabotaging Your
SEO During a Website Redesign

While redesigning your website, it’s essential to focus on these four points:

  • Monitor Everything
  • Maintain Your Website URL Structure
  • Focus on 301 Redirects
  • Improve Your Website Content

Monitor Everything

We’ve seen businesses lose their rankings due to full-scale website redesign. The reason? They didn’t care to monitor the entire process. And by the time they realized it, it was already too late.

You can save yourself valuable time and money, and a great deal of stress by monitoring your website redesign at each step of the way.

Invest in SEO monitoring tools.

Check the SEO metrics to learn if there has been any kind of disturbance with your rankings. Focus on:

  • Backlinks
  • Speed
  • Spam Score
  • Keywords Rankings
  • Domain Authority
  • Safety
  • And more!

Reach out to world-class web design experts like Redfox Visual who can not only craft a visually appealing website for your business but also make sure that you don’t lose your SEO rankings.

Maintain Your Website URL Structure

URLs play a major role in your website rankings. Hence, it’s crucial to retain them, especially the URLs of the pages that are ranking organically.

Your website’s architecture and content may change. But, the one thing that should stay the same is your website’s URLs.

You might have spent too much time building high-quality backlinks. And trust me, you may end up erasing all your past efforts if you change the URL.

So, what you need to do is audit your current site map. Don’t start redesign before taking this step. Sometimes, you may be required to make major changes to your website URL structure. So, if your existing URLs are poorly structured and don’t utilize the relevant SEO keywords, then you need to optimize your website. Otherwise, a change isn’t recommended.

Reach out to our web design experts at Redfox Visual to get more clarity on your website’s existing URL structure.

Focus on the 301 Redirects

While redesigning your website, you may end up deleting a few pages. So, when your audience hits up your old URL, you need to make sure that they end up on the live page. That’s what 301 Redirects are all about.

If you don’t set this up, your visitors and search engine crawlers may end up landing on 404 error pages. And having too many 404 error pages will have a negative impact on your website’s search engine rankings.

So, what you can do is add 301 redirects, which will redirect your audience to the relevant live page.

Improve Your Website Content

When you redesign your website, the chances are that you will review and update the content as well.

Your website may currently be outdated. And so might be the content.

So, the smart move here is to update your services or product descriptions. Don’t make any drastic changes. Just tweak it up to the point that it looks professional and delivers value. Harness the power of H1 & H2 headers.

H1 is the HTML tag generally used for headings. Whereas H2, H3, H4, and other headers are used for sub-sections.

If your pages already rank at the top, don’t revamp the content too much. Don’t delete those SEO-friendly headlines. Make sure that your users are easily able to consume the content on your new website. Balance the content with user experience.

Your blog posts and other resources should be carried over to your new website unharmed. If your website is developed on a CMS, then there are different ways to migrate your content to your new website.

Ready to Redesign? Buckle Up!

It takes months before you see any real SEO results. And if you have already achieved that #1 position, don’t let it go to waste. Just like all great things in life, it takes months to build something great, but just seconds to mess it all up.

Full-scale website redesigns are huge. So, if you are changing your website architecture, monitor everything. Monitor every possible metric that will help you keep an eye on your SEO rankings. Invest in SEO monitoring tools.

And most importantly, hire the experts to do it for you. Our experts at Redfox Visual have redesigned hundreds of websites without sabotaging our clients’ SEO rankings. We equip the best set of tools in our arsenal to help you avoid sabotaging your SEO rankings.

So, what are you waiting for?

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