Brand films for the automotive industry

These are speculative brand films created for Toyota, showing the new Toyota 4Runner in all its outdoor glory. This is different than your typical “Come on down to Bob’s Toyota and get 0% blah blah blah…” commercial. These are cinematic stories that all generations can relate to.

The 3 videos are 90sec, 60sec, and 30sec in length and can be used in television advertisements as well as social channels, outbound email marketing, and website promotional content. The series is themed on outdoor lifestyle and how Toyota gives us the opportunity to “answer the call of adventure”.

Since Apple released their 4min brand film about their “Home Pod” product, research has shown how effective they can be. The reason being, brands can use similar content across all channels (TV, Social, Web, etc) to provide a cohesive message and engage audiences. The “film” aspect tells a story which helps potential purchasers identify with the storyline and the product!