The Hausman Team

Real Estate website developed to match people with their forever homes.

Woven through the stories of building, buying and selling houses, was a theme of personal dedication for matching people with their forever homes. Over the last decade, Rachel and Andee have worked with their team to ensure their integrity and experience is Above The Crowd. The Hausman Team combines Andee’s negotiating and marketing skills with Rachel’s energy and digital expertise to create the best experience for their buyers and sellers. Whether it’s buying a home for the first time or selling a home after 30 years, they’re here for you. Once they understand your individual wants, needs and dreams, they will bring you the clarity and support you need. They will always have your best interest in mind, and they will market your home in the most creative and modern way. This business has been in their blood for generations, and through the ever-changing landscape, their clients have always been family.

REDFOX VISUAL works with clients all over the nation. This website project for The Hausman Team in the Chicago IL area is a perfect example of this!

The Hausman Team wanted a website that would help to increase their brand presence online. They were using a simple “one-size-fits-all” real estate web search service for their website but needed something that was more custom to their business and the type of clients they were looking for.

REDFOX VISUAL designed and created a custom website for The Hausman Team built from the ground up. Not only did we build them a superb website, but we integrated important features specific to their needs. We designed a feature that linked seamlessly with their local Multiple Listing Service to pull listing information into their site and update that information continuously. So every day there would be new featured listings populated on their home page. We also integrated their Contact Management System into their website so they could aggregate new leads from their website, blog, and facebook all in one place. They wanted an online chat feature, so rather than using an online chat bot, we integrated Facebook Messenger right into their website, so clients could chat with them on their website, and the team could use facebook to respond. Super simple, Super easy. Super awesome!

“REDFOX VISUAL took our website to another level. They took our ideas and made them into a reality. We had worked with 4 different companies before REDFOX, and Josh and Nathan were hands down the best experience we’ve had. They were timely, professional, patient, and ingenious on how they executed each step of the site. We would recommend them to not just everyone in our field, but to anyone looking to change the way they interact with their website. We are beyond happy!”

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