The Beardsmith

Product Video Production Project

We have a soft spot for beards here at RedFox Visual, so naturally we were drawn to this project. The Beardsmith exploded onto the Boise scene a few years ago and have taken “your local barber shop” to a whole new level.

We wanted to show consumers that The Beardsmith is MORE than just a barber shop. They also have an exceptional line of beard care products which they manufacture right here in Boise and ship to bearded brethren all over the world! Their most popular line of products is called “Beard Grease”. It’s an all in one beard conditioner, tamer, and moisturizer that hairy chinned folks can use on a daily basis to care for their face sweaters. For this project we enlisted the help of local model, actor, and brand ambassador Victorio Piva who brought his vintage Ford Galaxy and tore up the road. Make sure to watch both videos as they are entirely different! The first is an example of what we can do to help you spread the word about your business… While the second is a product ad at its finest.