The Beardsmith

Product Video Production Project & eComm Website Development

We have a soft spot for beards here at REDFOX VISUAL, so naturally we were drawn to this project. The Beardsmith exploded onto the Boise scene a few years ago and have taken “your local barber shop” to a whole new level.

Long form comedic product videos have been incredibly effective, however, they are ONLY effective with good writing, good actors, and perfectly timed editing. We achieved this with our latest product spot for Beard Grease by The Beardsmith.

Beard Grease needs no introduction… You can find it in Albertsons, Safeway, and Whole Foods across the nation. This product video is meant to help boost the sale of Beard Grease online. This works great with the new website we built as well.

See the difference between their old and new website!