Steady Rush

Music Video Projects

We’ve had the amazing opportunity to produce two music videos (so far) for Steady Rush. One was shot in beautiful McCall Idaho; the other was shot in Denver Colorado. Both videos are remarkably different from one another and are complimented by the incredible music of the band.

Steady Rush is a pop rock duo originally from Boise Idaho. With Steady Rush, audiences get a two-for-one sound. Combine Kylie Hartman’s blues/rock flare and Molly’s mash-up of Mediterranean pop and dance club sounds, and listeners are guaranteed a memorable show.

The first project for Steady Rush was for the first single released from their new album “ECHO” titled “Where We Belong”. It’s a feel good, bright and colorful, summer music video shot in beautiful McCall Idaho. 4 best friends laugh and play in McCall’s gorgeous landscape. Video features some of stunning McCall Idaho’s scenery including a vintage porche cruising through the tree lined roads, jet skiing on the lake, games on the beach, and a lakeside fire pit. ‘Where We Belong’ is the anthem of Summer. And there’s no better place to spend your Summer than Idaho.

The second project was for Steady Rush’s single “REWIND”. “REWIND” is about a young couple living in downtown Denver CO struggling to keep a doomed relationship alive. The Steady Rush narrates their story, fittingly in front of a historic clock face. The entire film is a flashback of their relationship. They run into each other at the train station and remember all they went through together – from the beginning ‘honeymoon’ stage of the relationship to the point where they can’t keep it alive anymore. From him surprising her with flowers in Union Square, to their proposal under the twinkling lights at Larimer, to the fight that shows her she can’t stay with him anymore, to his tense chase through the train station trying to catch her and fix it all… Is their relationship worth the struggle? Do they decide to give it another try at the end? Well I guess you’ll just have to watch and see…