Northwest Clinical Trials

Video Production Project with Photography

NWCT conducts clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies in order to find and develop new treatments and medications for a wide range of conditions. The company approached us about creating a recruiting video to convey the benefits of participation to the local public here in Boise.

The message for the video needed to be clear and simple: you don’t have to have health insurance, you get to work with a friendly and knowledgable staff, they have a convenient Boise location, you could see major improvements in your condition, you’re helping future generations in the development of new treatments and medications, and best of all they PAY you to participate!

We decided to do a “case study” format where we followed two participants through the entire clinical trial process. But we needed to make sure the video was still engaging and visually appealing. To make the video more engaging we added scripted voice over to tell the story as viewers watch the participants through the process. To add more visually appealing subject matter we shot at iconic Boise locations like the Boise Train Depot where grandpa and his grandkids gather for a picnic, and The District Coffee House where a young participant hangs out with her friends after completing the trial.

The video includes testimonials from real participants, and these same participants were also our actors in the video. Sometimes it’s difficult to work with non-actors when trying to produce a compelling story, but everyone did such a great job for us in this one! We couldn’t be more pleased!

We were also tasked with taking a group portrait of the entire staff at NWCT in the parking lot of their building. Our portrait photographer extraoenaire, Jason, did an incredible job!