Kelson Orthodontics

Custom Website, Video Production, and Photography Project

At Kelson Orthodontics it’s simple, they want everyone to SMILE MORE.  Literally! They want everyone to SMILE MORE with awesome straight smiles, yes, that is what they do, but it doesn’t end there for them.  They also want everyone to SMILE MORE with happiness that comes from spreading kindness and laughter. This concept is the driving force behind everything they do at Kelson Orthodontics. From the first time patient experience to the last retainer checkup, from their morning team huddles to their fantastic patient centered results, from the design layout and flow of their office to their community outreach programs. At every level, at every detail, they LOVE to SMILE MORE, and dare you to try it.

Before coming to REDFOX VISUAL, Kelson Orthodontics was using a “one-size-fits-all” web subscription service specifically for Dentists and Orthodontists. Which sounds great right? We’ll yes it sounds great, but their website was just a template with their information plugged in… And it wasn’t even mobile friendly! Which means they were losing 80% of their potential web traffic! NOT GOOD AT ALL!

The Kelson Orthodontics project was multi-faceted. We not only created a stunning website for them, we created 4 amazing videos and used our impeccable photo skills to take that website to the next level. They wanted their website to specifically resemble their physical location, a beautiful custom designed building with bright colors, fun people, and unique architecture. They wanted a website that showed potential patients a glimpse of what they could expect during their visit. And WE DELIVERED! Their bright and colorful (not to mention fast and mobile friendly) website is the perfect addition to the Kelson Orthodontics business.

Here’s what they have to say:

“REDFOX VISUAL” is outstanding! We redesigned our website with new photos and videos, and have been blown away by the outcome. Josh and his team have done an amazing job of listening to everything that we want and making it a reality. They are patient, hardworking and super fun! They exceeded everything we have dreamed of with our website, photos and video content. Give them a call today!”