Idaho Humanities Council

New Website for the Idaho Humanities Council

The Idaho Humanities Council as a non-profit organization focused on inspiring a tolerant, literate, and intellectually inquisitive Idaho citizens.

They had just gone through a branding overhaul when they up roaches us for a website so they had BRAND new beautiful logos, colors, and typefaces so we had fun implementing their new branding into their site.

The user-friendly layout on their new website allows patrons to find the information they are looking for quickly, make donations, apply for grants, and purchase tickets to events using built in payment systems implemented by us.

A lot of our clients with existing sites tend to have some pain points when it comes to the functionality of their old site. Things they wish were more efficient, easier, and more user friendly. For the Idaho Humanities Council, it was the task of adding speakers, topics, and events. In order to add these items on their old site they had to manually type everything into the database in 3 different places – so they had to redundantly write the same content 3 times… Which was wasting a lot of their time. We created custom modules for these items that communicated with each other to aggregate information and delegate that information based on what was entered in the module field. This way they only had to enter the information one time in one place and the module dispersed the information into the appropriate categories on the website.

This website is a great example of something that looks fairly simple on the outside, but is, in reality, a complex brain on the back-end.

See the difference between their old website and new website!