Fisher’s Technology

Corporate website and intranet with video production and photography.

Fisher’s Technology manages IT environments, sells and services copiers and printers, and streamlines business operations with electronic document management and related software solutions. Their mission is to make customers extremely happy while having a great time.

We had the opportunity to work with Fisher’s to re-design their website from the ground up. We gave them a more modern look and feel and launched them on our hosting platform so their website would be ultra fast for their clients and customers. Because REDFOX VISUAL also specializes in video production, we were also able to provide most of the video and photos found on their new website, which made things super fun for us, and super convenient for Fisher’s.

The customer facing website for Fisher’s Technology was only half of the project… The other half was designing and building a custom employee intranet. We created this intranet with Facebook-esque profile functionality to ensure the user experience would be familiar to the users. This intranet linked seamlessly with Fisher’s existing employee HR systems and gave them online features for their employees like department group chats, events calendars, time off request portals, and much MUCH more.

It’s easy to see why Fisher’s is so thrilled with their new website. And we are just as thrilled to have such an awesome company as a client!

Video Production

Take a look at the video to see why Fisher’s is the #1 choice in Idaho for all things office technology.

Custom Website Design