Brand Film for Idaho Plumbing Company

The first thing the owner of Express Plumbing Service said to us was “I want to flex our muscles and show people what we can really do”. The second thing he said was “Most of the advertising in our local industry is either slow moving video with some guy talking over it, or super cheesy attempts at humor… We want to do the opposite of that.”

Enter REDFOX VISUAL. Our pitch to EPS was to create a brand film that focused on one single day in the life of EPS and what can be accomplished in that time frame. We found out A LOT happens at EPS in just one day… Pumping, jetting, smoke tests, excavation, welding, household plumbing, industrial plumbing, pipe freezing, and more. They start early in the morning, they finish late at night, and if it has anything to do with plumbing… They DO it. In fact, a lot of local plumbing companies actually end up hiring them for a variety of service because they are so capable!

They loved the idea so we set to work. We created a 60sec brand film to be used on social media, websites, and other digital platforms; and a 30sec and 15sec spot to be used on television as well as any/all digital platforms for advertising.

The spot is bold, rugged, awesome, informative, and we absolutely LOVE it.