Dreambody Fitness

Video Production Project

Dreambody Fitness is a group fitness facility in Meridian Idaho focused on helping their members gain confidence and get in the best shape of their lives.

When we first met Chris Barnett, one of the owners of Dreambody Fitness, it was clear he had a strong passion for what he was doing. His story was compelling; he discovered fitness and strength training at a young age to help him deal with a childhood of abuse and neglect. He said “it literally saved my life” and “rooted in me a deep passion for helping others with their fitness journey”. Chris brings this passion with him to his gym EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Which is what makes Dreambody Fitness the best gym in Meridian (and probably the entire Treasure Valley).

We decided to use Chris’s story for Dreambody’s two video project. We wanted it to look focused, sort of dark and moody, and be so moving and inspiring that it gives you goosebumps. Using Chris’s story meant he had the be the center focus of his own video which most business owners like to stay away from because it’s incredibly difficult the be in front of the camera AND be genuine. But Chris pulled it off better than we even hoped; and NO ONE could have delivered his message the way he did.

The premise of the first video is Chris’s story and what makes Dreambody the best. For Chris’s “on camera” portion we waited until night time and sat him down in the middle of his gym and turned ALL the lights off. We then placed 3 lights strategically around him to add depth and mood so the atmosphere matched the narrative. The b-roll clips are actual gym members who came together and worked incredibly card for us to capture the essence of Dreambody. Compelling story, dynamic shots, and a powerful message make this one a must watch.