Cutting Edge Landscape

Custom Web Design and Development

Cutting Edge has built a reputation as a premier landscaper in Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Nevada, and Texas. Their team has the experience and resources to design, install, and maintain landscapes of virtually any size.

Their vision encompasses sustainability and innovation, and they believe in honesty, integrity, hard work, and long-term relationships. They strive to offer unparalleled service and to nurture customer and employee satisfaction. They have had the privilege of working with loyal customers and employees for more than 20 years and they love what they do!

REDFOX VISUAL recently had the opportunity to create a stunning brand film for Cutting Edge to show off their abilities, reach, and brand presence in the United States. This film displays their wide variety of services and clientele with stunning visuals and powerful messaging. Look out competition; Cutting Edge is taking names!

Cutting Edge approached us in late 2017 with a problem. Their website was TOO SLOW! They were getting complaints from customers because their website difficult to use and would not load quickly enough to get needed information or even fill out a contact form. This was a big problem. A slow website can have a direct impact on a company’s sales, and they were losing their online audience because some of the pages were taking over 20 seconds to load (which is like a million years in web time!).

REDFOX VISUAL rebuilt the Cutting Edge website on our robust hosting platform. We gave it a fresh new look and some updated features like scroll animations and parallax; but we kept some of the aesthetics from their old site for a sense of familiarity for existing customers. We think you’ll agree, a mixture of clean white space with splashes of green meshes perfectly with the Cutting Edge brand.

Oh yeah, and their HOME page now loads in under 1 second.


See the difference between their old website and new website!