City of Boise

"We Give New Life To Used Water"

Water Renewal Services gives new life to used water. What is used water? It’s every drop of water that goes down the drain, toilet or sink. City of Boise renews nearly 10 billion gallons of water annually, returning it clean and clear to the Boise River.

Water Renewal Services, a utility within the City of Boise’s Public Works Department, operates two facilities that collect used water over a 900+-mile-long system. Their goal is to keep Boise thriving by reliably delivering critical services to Boise residents and businesses 24/7. Boise is committed to being a national leader by implementing new and better ways to protect Boise’s vital resources and public health.

City of Boise protects the Boise River and seeks innovative ways to fully realize the potential of every drop of water.

We had the pleasure of working with Oliver Russell on this project for the City of Boise to bring awareness to what the city is doing with our used water to benefit our fine city.

The concept we came up with was to show viewers water being used in every day scenarios and what happens to that water once we are finished with it. We wanted the viewer to come away knowing that NOT ONE DROP of water in our city goes to waste.