Bond Hotel

Video Production and Photography Project

Summer in Downtown Boise, riding bikes on the greenbelt, local flare, and the cutest dog you’ve ever seen! You won’t want to miss this one!

The Bond Hotel & Extended Stay on Bond St. in Boise wanted a compelling ad that showcased the wealth of activities, culture, and atmosphere Boise has to offer. Because of the hotel’s close proximity to Downtown Boise, we decided to go with a concept that featured a downtown vibe even more so than featuring the hotel itself. The owners wanted to convey the hotel’s amenities, free wi-fi, close to downtown, pet friendly, full kitchens, etc…, so we wrote a storyboard that included a couple (with their dog) from out of town arriving at the hotel, dropping off their stuff, and hitting the town!

We wanted viewers to see recognizable branding around the downtown area so we got some local companies on board to add even more local flare! The Boise Co-op, Boise Greenbikes, Slow-By-Slow Coffee Bar, and Cinder Wines all have a part to play in this ad!

Another surprising aspect of this project was working with a dog. It can sometimes (well most of the time) be incredibly difficult to work on set with animals… but this wasn’t the case with Moses, a 6lb yorkie, who turned out to be the sweetest, most obedient actor we’ve ever worked with! We definitely fell in love with Moses during the shoot.

We also had the opportunity to shoot some photos for the Bond Hotel. They had 2 of their rooms staged to perfection for us to shoot some welcoming images of the space.