Video Production and Photography Project

The most delicious pasta dishes we’ve ever tasted, the most talented chefs in Boise, and an opportunity to play with fire? YES please!!

ÀLAVITA is located on Idaho St. in downtown Boise. They call it “A little Italian joint” because of its Italian inspired interior design and its warm and inviting atmosphere.

We were hired to produce several short clips of video for the new and improved ÀLAVITA website, as well as a short promo for the restaurant to use on social media. We got a chance to work closely with the staff over at ÀLAVITA while producing these pieces, including the head chef who treated us to a few of the specialty dishes while we were shooting! One of the reasons ÀLAVITA is probably the best Italian restaurant in Boise is the fact that they make EVERYTHING in house using local ingredients. We watched and filmed as they hand made all of their different types of pastas; ravioli, gnocchi, fettuccini, spaghetti, and more! One of the stars of our promotional film is the black ravioli stuffed with lobster and served with fresh shrimp in a delicious cream sauce. We watched the entire process of creating this dish, from a ball of dough to a culinary masterpiece! And because we had to make the dish in order to film it… we got to eat it too! Highly recommended!

Another amazing element in ÀLAVITA is the bar. It is truly one of a kind! We worked with one of the bartenders to film a specialty drink they call the “smoke infused cocktail”. They mix the cocktail, use a torch to smolder a small piece of aged wood, place a glass over the smoke to allow the smoke to coat the inside of the glass, then they pour the cocktail into the glass and serve! It’s both warm and cold, sweet and smooth, absolutely DELICIOUS! The process is amazing; you have to see it to believe it (so I guess it’s a good thing there’s a video right?)

ÀLAVITA was able to use our imagery (video AND photos) all over their new website; home page, menu pages, gallery, etc… A great example of how we can provide businesses with ALL of their professional imagery.