E-Commerce website with photography and video.

We are thrilled with how great every portion of this product went and even happier that we were able to accomplish everything they needed all under one roof! Take a look below at what we were able to accomplish for 208TIRE.

208TIRE is a wholesale direct tire shop in Nampa Idaho. They wanted a new website that featured a robust inventory system with a sleek new design. The inventory system was designed from the ground up to fit their exact specifications, and we developed a series of search filters to enable customers to search for and find exactly what they are looking for regardless of how general or specific the search parameters are. We combined this powerful inventory system with a sleek and modern looking front end design, featuring edge-to-edge layout, parallax scrolling, mobile responsive design, and much more.


To compliment an already excellent looking site, we took the owner’s trucks and brand new corvette out for a photo shoot. We found a long stretch of highway out in the middle of nowhere so we could set up our lights and get some killer photos as the sun was setting. We like to shoot our own photos for websites we create because it adds that personal touch and shows your customers and clients a bit about who you are.

208TIRE also combined our web and photo products with our video production services. They wanted a video to use for multiple purposes – something they could host on their new website and also use for online ads and television advertisements. So that’s what we did!