Meet Our


Josh Cremer.

Hey, I’m Josh. I’m Creative Director here at REDFOX VISUAL. I’m also the Founder/Owner of the company which means I get to do all the cool stuff like pay all the bills, buy all the gear, and sweep all the floors…

I started this company in 2014 with nothing but a dollar and a dream (except for the dollar) and I've never looked back.

I’m a Boise native which means I’ve lived here since Cole & Fairview was the only major intersection everyone used to get places. I live in the Bench with my wife and 2 year old son and my hobbies include work, sleep (cause the 2 year old wears me out), work, working, making videos (a.k.a. work), spending time with my co-workers (a.k.a. work), spending time with my family (a.k.a. work… man I hope my wife doesn’t see this…), and riding my motorcycle (to and from work). I love that I get to work with the best, most talented creative team in Idaho (seriously… We’re the best).

I love what I do with a deep passion. Not just because we get to be creative; but because we’re helping our clients be more successful. THAT is our true mission.

Casey Levins.

You probably want me to tell you about what I do in my spare time, right? Or maybe you are wondering if I am single. Well, I will tell you that it’s neither. I am the highly creative type that didn’t do well in school. But here I am, part of the greatest team you could hire.

I will, however,  tell you that the video department is in good hands. With a “broadcaster of the year” award, “best commercial” award back in high school, plus a decade of experience in the video industry, I know what I’m doing. Then sprinkle some wild imagination, ideation, and creativity in the mix; you’ve got quite the package!

But none of that matters. I am all about having a good time. I light up at parties and networking events where I can let loose and connect with new people. I also have some pretty sweet party tricks.

Want to know more? Hire us to do your video, ask me out to coffee, or do both. It’d be a win-win.


Nate Pope.

I got an email saying I needed to write a bio.... I make websites.

Hannah Russo.

Hey there! I'm Hannah. Yes, you can call me Hannah Montana just know that I've heard it a million times. Hannah is also a palindrome, like 'race car', 'mom' and 'taco cat' (two of my favorite things).

I actually like a lot of things. You'll notice throughout this bio that I like exclamation marks!! I like snowboarding. I like traveling. I like tacos and cats, as stated above. I like CrossFit. I like meeting new people! I like applying creativity to everything I can. I like food but breakfast food takes the cake! Speaking of cake, I'm more of a pie gal myself, but to each their own.

Although, what I really like is helping people and making experiences special for them along the way. From digital marketing to client meetings, I'm here to make all interactions with REDFOX VISUAL special, smooth and FUN!

I can guarantee that this entire team is going to work hard to give the best experience, best video and best website you could ask for. We will leave you saying 'WOW!' - another palindrome!! 😉


Jason Murphy.

Hey, I’m Jason. Let’s get to know each other.

I’m blessed to have an amazing wife of over twenty years and two teenage boys that keep me young.

I’m an Idaho native, born and raised in this fine state and love to spend as much time exploring and enjoying its’ beauty as possible. From whitewater rafting to camping to riding dirt bikes to backpacking... pretty much anything that tests my skill against nature (and sometimes my common sense.)

I’m not much of a lone wolf, I prefer to do anything in the company of others. That’s why I love being part of a team.  It’s so much more rewarding to create and find solutions for others. Plus who wants to celebrate alone? Let’s do something, together.

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