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Our Secret to Making Great Product Videos.

Want to market your product the smart way? 

There’s no other content format better than video. 

People love watching videos.

In fact, 84% of customers purchase a product only after watching its product video. At the same time, HubSpot reported that about 94% of people watch product videos to understand a product or brand better.

Personally, before I want to purchase a product (let’s say a leather bag), I’d prefer to watch that product’s video before hitting the “Purchase Now” button. If a certain product doesn’t have a video available to watch, the chances of me spending my money on it are comparatively low. As a potential customer, I want to know more about the product and how it functions – and there’s no better way to learn than by watching a product video.

But the thing is, your product videos won’t work well if you don’t plan, produce and edit them.

What if you pick the wrong music that turns off your audience?

Or what if you make it too long and bore your audience?

Even worse- what if you take the wrong shots and cannot highlight the important features of your product?

At the end of the day, if you want to catch your audience’s attention and engage them, not only to make a good impression but also to entice them to take their credit cards out, you need to get this one thing right. And that’s your product video.

To help you with that, we’ve put together this blog post, where we’ll be helping you understand how you can create great product videos the smart way.

How to Make Great Product Videos that Actually Help You Convert

To make great product videos, we highly recommend considering these tips:

  • Never ignore the pre-planning process
  • Think about the environment and lighting
  • Be creative

Never Ignore the Pre-Planning Process

If you’re making product video(s), chances are you’ll be using it across different platforms for different purposes. 

You can publish this video on your eCommerce store.

Or you can use it in your Facebook ads. 

You can even include your product videos in your email marketing campaign.

So you must get everything right. 

First, your video should have a strong beginning that catches your audience’s attention. In addition, your video should have a strong ending that encourages your viewers to take the desired action.

Secondly, it’s equally important to select the right music. And sometimes, that may take more time than the entire video production process. Your music choice can make or break the final video, so it’s crucial to make the best selection.

Next, make sure to brainstorm every shot because you want to make sure that you’re showing off all your product’s features in an attractive manner. At the same time, you’ll want to ensure that you’re taking the right shots that go well with the music. It’s a creative process. To get it right, imagine the product in a fictional environment. This will help you understand how the product will look with the proper lighting and in front of the camera. Pen down your thoughts on paper, and don’t be afraid to draw them out. This is only a rough draft for your understanding.   

Finally, once you’ve imagined your product in a fictional environment and brainstormed the shots you’ll be taking, the next step is to create a shot list. Here’s an example of a shot list from one of our videos:

description document

Don’t make it too complicated. Add the basic shots with enough detail for you and your team to understand. This will help you recollect how you imagined your shots during the brainstorming session.

Next to the shot description, we’d advise adding which camera and the shot would work best for that particular shot. Otherwise, you’ll end up being all confused about which equipment you should use during the shoot day. 

Alongside this, we build a storyboard as well:

NOTE – If it’s just a product video where you’re highlighting your product, then you probably don’t need a script. But if you want to build a product video with a story, we seriously recommend writing down a script. 

Here’s a product video that requires a script:

Think About the Environment & Lighting

Just consider some of the most popular brands – from Nike to Starbucks. To ensure your branding efforts are successful, it’s really important to be consistent across every platform. In addition, no matter what type of content you’re creating, it should go well with your branding efforts. 

From your brand colors to the theme- consistency is the key.

While creating your product videos, you should think about your brand style and guidelines. If you have a darker theme, then you should place your product in a dark environment. Whereas, if you have a light theme, it should reflect in your product video as well. 

It’s a great idea to invest in a green screen background – which you can easily replace. Also, you can find hop onto Amazon and look for the accessories you’re looking for.  

If you’re looking for a lighter setting, here’s a great white brick wall backdrop available on Amazon:

Here’s a great video featuring Daniel Schiffer shooting an epic product commercial at home:

Depending on the shots you have planned, you may need different things. For example, if you sell energy drinks, then you may want to take a video (slow-mo) of your energy drink being poured inside a glass. Here, you’ll need a glass. At the end of the day, the stuff you’ll need depends on how you’ve planned the shots and your product.

Alongside this, it’s equally important to think about the lighting. Again, the lighting you’ll need depends on your product and how you’ve planned your shots. 

There are tons of different ways to light your product in a video. If you have a lighter theme, you can tap into natural outdoor lighting. But if it’s a darker theme, then you may want to use the right lights. Some common lighting equipment are:

  • LED Lighting – LED Light Panels, Light Stands, Modifiers
  • Ring Lighting – Ring Light, Right Light Stand, Softboxes
  • Softbox Lighting – Softboxes, Lights, Light Stands
  • 3-Point Lighting – Fill Light, Main Light & Background Light

To understand how to choose the right lighting for your product video, we highly recommend watching this video by Aputure:

Be Creative

Just capturing a video of your product without any special touches and shot variety won’t help you catch your audience’s attention. Allow us to share one of the best product videos we’ve shot:

If you want to make a product video of your leather bag, we advise you to bring your laptop, book, and charger to the shoot. If you want to make a product video of your protein drink, you can add a special touch of bananas and berries.

It’s all about creative thinking – which is why it’s really important to plan your shots ahead of time. Once you plan the shots, you’ll be able to prepare a list of the accessories and items you need to purchase – things that you want to include in your product videos.

Alongside this, a single shot where you’re moving your camera over the product won’t help you engage your audience. To make it work, you need to show your product in action and incorporate different shots. 

Add a variety of shots and ensure you’re using the right music. Alongside adding the right music, make sure you’re adding the right sound effects depending on your shots. For example, if you’re recording a product video of your brand’s watch, then adding a sound effect of classic clock-ticking at the right time can enhance your video. 

Video recording and shooting are one part.

But if you want to seriously level up your video, we highly recommend knocking your video editing efforts out of the park. Some of the most popular applications are:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Filmora 
  • DaVinci Resolve

Our CEO Inputs on Producing Great Product Videos!

While writing this article, I spoke to the Creative Director and CEO of redfox visual with years of experience producing jaw-dropping product videos. Allow me to share his thoughts:

“At redfox visual, making great videos starts with the boring stuff… planning (boring to you… NOT boring to us!).

We have a three-step process in place:

  • PRE
  • PRO
  • POST

Step I – It’s the MOST important one and the phase in which MOST of our time is spent. Like Abraham Lincoln said: “Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first 4hrs sharpening my axe.”

Pre-production is where we lay the groundwork for how our videos will look, sound, and perform. We do market research, trend analysis, competitor comparisons, etc., to inform what we want to create. Then we write scripts, sketch storyboards, create shot lists, and handle logistics like hiring talent, location scouting, scheduling, etc.

Step II – Production is where the cameras are rolling. This is where our directors, cinematographers, production designers, and other creatives do what we do best. Film a great video.

Step III – Post-production is where we bring everything together. The vision of our hard work during phase one takes shape. We edit, color, mix, add music, sound FX, special FX, etc., to polish the finished product.

Success! Video done! However, a great video is worthless if no one sees it. Since we’re a digital marketing agency, our videos are generally combined with marketing strategy. Once the creative is finished, our marketers blast it out to the masses to start driving traffic and sales.”

That’s what redfox’s video production process looks like. 

That’s How You Can Make Great Product Videos!

We put hours into the pre-planning, production, and editing process. At redfox visual, we want every shot to be just perfect. We want to help our customers showcase their products in full gear and put their best foot forward.  

And we’d love nothing more than to help you out. Alongside video production and marketing, we also help our clients establish a strong online presence in today’s cutthroat digital world. 

Want us to make your product video?

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