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The Most Memorable TV Commercials

Everyone has seen a TV commercial that has impacted them in some way, shape, or form. 


Either it made you cry, laugh out loud, throw something at the screen, or left you humming a jingle all day. 


I am not saying the commercials that I am about to show you are good, bad, or ugly. But they definitely are memorable. 


I asked my co-workers and my Facebook friends to answer this question, “What is an advertisement campaign that impacted you and why?”


Here’s what I got. 


Jack Link’s: Messin’ with Sasquatch

“Messin’ with Sasquatch” began around 2006. This campaign’s success helped build a small, family-owned beef jerky brand into a leader in the entire snack category. Each commercial had an alternate ending, a new way to “mess with Sasquatch.” The alternate ending had viewers wanting to see more of sasquatch, which created the jerky brand that we all know and love.


Kmart: Ship My Pants

Kmart produced a hilarious social media campaign in hopes of increasing awareness of its “Ship to Home” service, which allows shoppers to have an item not found in the store shipped to their house for free. The commercial got over 15 million views; I’d call that a success. I guess success for the commercial, but I don’t know if I’d say a success for Kmart.


Rebook: Terry Tate Office Linebacker

Pain seems to bring a lot of Americans joy. I know when I first saw this, I wanted to see it again. The Terry Tate bit was so hilarious that there were multiple variations made and even Terry tackling political nominees like Sarah Palin.


Always: Like a Girl

We have all heard “you throw like a girl” or “quit whining like a girl” perpetuate the idea that women are not as strong or as emotionally stable as men. Always rightfully believed that had to change.  The commercial aired during a predominately male-driven event, the Superbowl.


Extra: Origami

A parent-child relationship, a true formula for a tearjerker commercial. 


Gillette: The Best a Man Can Get

This ad can be viewed in two different ways. As a woman, you could be nodding your head while watching, agreeing with every word said. While on the other hand, you could disagree with the existence of “toxic masculinity” and see this commercial as politically driven. This was a very controversial ad that made many people put down or pick up a Gillette razor.

Sorry in advance, but I couldn’t forget the catchy jingles.

Education Connection

I personally remember this little number getting stuck in my head all day. Is there much substance? No. But with the catchiness of the tune, I will remember Education Connection forever. Not only is this a jam, but it has 3 million views on Youtube.


State Farm: “Like a good neighbor.”

State Farm always seems to know how to captivate their audience. I know that if someone was to ask me what the “theme song” for State Farm is, I could tell them without batting an eye. 

Subway: “Five dollar foot-long.”

This jingle is not only catchy but is just good advertising.  I will forever remember that Subway, 1. sells 12-inch subs, and 2. they sell their subs for $5. Not only is the song stuck in my head, but it’s stuck in my head while I eat a “Subway five-dollar foot-long” sandwich.
What is the most memorable commercial you’ve ever seen? Comment below.

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