Learn Whether Your Website URLs Are Being Indexed or Not.

You may be spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on content marketing yet will never be able to find your blog posts on Google if their URLs are not indexed.

That’s the gigantic-sized mistake we’ve seen most businesses make.

Every single business with a presence on the world wide web wishes to attract a humongous wave of prospects towards its website.

But, if your web pages are not being indexed by Google, then you’ll not appear on the SERPs at all.

So, the question is – How do you check whether your web pages are being indexed or not?

Let’s have a look.
Here’s how you can check:

  • Hop onto the Search Engine
  • Google Search Engine Domain PropertyHop onto the Search EngineIf you’ve been just typing in your business name and hoping for your website to miraculously appear, then let me tell you that you are doing it all wrong.Let’s check whether our website is indexed or not. Here’s a two-step approach:

1. First, you need to hop onto Google.
2. Second, just type “site:yourwebsiteURL” and hit enter.

We’ll do this for our website.

And there you go.

Our SEO specialist “Mary” has done a brilliant job at getting our website indexed.

If Your Website is Indexed

If your website is indexed, then you’ll come across similar results. You can further review these results and understand whether the descriptions are precise and accurate. If there’s any room to improve, you can make the required changes and optimize your website even further.

If Your Website Isn’t Indexed

But, if it isn’t, Google hasn’t discovered your website yet.
Don’t worry – that doesn’t mean Google has rejected your website. The thing is – your website hasn’t yet been discovered. That’s all

You can simply submit your request on Google Search Engine Console.

Checking Whether a Specific Web Page URL has Been Indexed or Not

You can even check whether a specific web page URL has been indexed or not by simply copying the URL of that page and typing “site:webpageURL” and hitting enter.

Let’s check it for our How to Choose a Stunning Color Scheme for Your Website?” blog post.

And there you go:

It’s indexed.

Google Search Console Domain Property

If you’re a GSC user, then you can generate a highly accurate report related to the indexing status of your web pages by hopping onto:

Google Search Console -> Index -> Coverage

In the screenshot we’ve attached above, you can see:

  • Error: 0
  • Valid with Warnings: 0
  • Valid: 283If the sections “Error” or “Valid with Warnings” are anything but zero, then there’s some indexing problem.
  • You may even type in a specific web page URL to check whether that specific web page is indexed or not.


  • If it’s indexed:

  • If it’s not indexed:

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