How to Make Reels on Instagram.

What started as a photo-sharing platform now allows its users to share not just photos but also videos in the form of posts, stories, and reels. 

We’ve seen Instagram evolve right in front of our eyes.

With more and more people embracing vertical video content, it’s no secret that the Instagram dev team is laser-focused on making Instagram Reels a memorable experience for its users.

And the thing is, when produced right, Instagram Reels are more likely to go viral than other forms of content.

If you’ve heard mainly praises about Instagram reels and are looking forward to making them, allow us to help you out. 

Throughout this blog post we’ll help you understand how you can create Instagram Reels for better reach. 

Let’s dive in.

3 Steps You Should Follow to Create Viral Instagram Reels

Here’s how our social media manager creates viral Instagram reels for our redfox visual account:

  • Step I – Identify Your Audience’s Pain Points
  • Step II – Build a 30-Days Posting Schedule
  • Step III – How to Make an Instagram Reel
  • Step IV – Use Third-Party Video Making Platforms (Optional)

Step I – Identify Your Audience’s Pain Points

If you run a restaurant in Boise, then there’s no point in creating Instagram Reels related to clothing – doing that is pointless, even if you’re doing it to engage your audience. It’s important to create Instagram Reels revolving around your business model and your audience’s pain points.

We run a marketing agency in Boise and love to help business owners based in Boise improve their online presence. We know all about their struggles and challenges while trying to market their business. And that’s what we focus on. 

If you hop onto our Instagram profile, you’ll see that our social media manager creates reels revolving around challenges business owners face while marketing their products or services.

Reel I:

screen grab of instagram reel link

Reel II:

    screen grab of instagram reel

Click HERE to visit our Instagram account.

Build a 30-Days Posting Schedule

If you want to win the social media game, then you need to create and publish on a consistent basis. 

No matter which platform you are looking forward to establishing your dominance across, these platforms are built such that they favor and prioritize the ones with a consistent presence.

And Instagram is no different. 

Creating and publishing Instagram reels on a daily basis can be quite challenging. 

You don’t necessarily need to publish one reel every single day. In the initial stages, you can aim to get at least one reel out each week. And as you get used to it and start seeing some results, you can scale up.

But don’t just do it randomly.

It’s advisable to build a 30-days posting schedule. 

Our team assembles at the start of every month to discuss our game plan. Don’t have a separate meeting and calendar for Instagram reels. Have a single brainstorming meeting to build a game plan for all your social media channels and the type of content you’re looking forward to publishing. Make Instagram Reels a major part of it.

Once you’ve built your game plan, the next step is to start making your first Instagram Reel.

Step III – How to Make an Instagram Reel

To create an Instagram reel, the first thing you need to do is launch the Instagram application and click on the “+” icon on the left of the Instagram Direct Message icon in the top-right corner. 

Of the different options you see, select “Reel” to make an Instagram Reel. Here, we’ll be creating an Instagram reel using Instagram’s Reel Editor – not using third-party software.

Upon launching the Instagram Reels editor, you’ll see numerous options on the left:

  • Audio – Add music to your Instagram Reel
  • Length – Set the length of the Instagram reel (15, 30, 60 or 90 seconds)
  • Speed – Set the speed of the Instagram reel (0.3x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 3x, or 4x)
  • Layout – Select the layout of the Instagram reel
  • Timer – Add a countdown before the recording starts
  • Dual – Use Dual Camera

Now, you can either import video clips or photos from your Gallery or record video(s) directly using the Instagram Reels editor. You don’t necessarily need to record a video in one go. You can capture different moments at different times. Or you can combine many short video clips or photos from your gallery and add music to it for great engagement. 

You can even add Effects to your Instagram reels along with scribble and text. You’ll also have the option to select different text fonts. 

If you’re importing a 20-seconds long video yet just want to add 10-seconds of it to your Instagram reel, you can do that as well. And once you’re done making the reel, you can preview it and check whether it’s engaging and helps you convey your message in the best possible manner.

Congratulations! You’ve made your Instagram Reel.

Here’s a video we loved from Justin Brown related to how to make Instagram Reels like a pro:  

Step IV – Use Third-Party Video Making Platforms (Optional)

With the right tools, you can level up your social media game. 

Want to add your brand’s logo to your Instagram Reel? Or subtitles?

Maybe, you want your entire team to collaborate and add comments to the video before it goes live?

You can always use third-party tools like VEED.IO, Promo, and Adobe Premiere Pro to edit videos for the best possible engagement and results. 

Make Instagram Reels Like a Pro!

If you’re serious about establishing a strong presence on Instagram, we’d highly recommend tapping into the power of Instagram Reels. Follow the exact steps we’ve mentioned in this post, and you’ll be on your way to excellence. 

Our social media manager, Rachel Macfarlane, makes engaging reels that help us connect with our audience. If you have any questions or want her to work her magic for you, she’d love nothing more than to help you out. 

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