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How To Build a Website That Will Get You The Traffic You’ve Been Dying For

Step 1. Contact REDFOX VISUAL

Okay I’m kidding alright, sorry for the shameless plug.

Let’s get to business;  when beginning to brainstorm your company’s website, first ask yourself,

What are your goals?

When speaking to clients the first question we always ask them is simply, what are your goals as a business? Typically we hear more traffic, more leads, and more sales, more more more. When you name all your mores, your goals should FINALLY be clearly defined, and when you know your goals, you will then know how to attract the type of traffic you have been itching for. 


Who is your company?

When choosing your overarching goals, you should always structure them around gaining the trust of your audience. This can be accomplished by being clear and transparent with what you’re offering and who your company is and strives to be. Customers are always interested in knowing what the big deal is about your business, and why should they choose YOU.  Patagonia is a great example of a company that exemplifies the theory of painting a CLEAR PICTURE of their business model. Their website uses images and specific language that gives users a snapshot of what their targeted audience looks like and the services that they provide to users. Looking at the home page you already know that they are a shop of some kind that offers services or products that has something to do with adventuring and the outdoors.  However, what sets them apart, and is something many people enjoy about the Patagonia brand, is their activism. Which takes me into the next step.


How is your company unique?

What sets your company apart should be shown in your site–a part of your story. This is important because during the buyer’s journey, they will look at variations of products/services and end up on one. You want it to be yours. Make sure that when you’re trying to “be different” stay true to your brand because once again you want to be crystal clear with your audience on what your company is all about. Choose a unique template, cool colors, or go even deeper with how your company gives back or even how unique and different your products and services are. You want to give a back story that will make users go, “Okay, this company is so cool, mom come look at this!” You know, the “show your mom” kind of excitement. 

Cool Site or Easy to Navigate?

How about Both. You want users to be able to get the content they want. This can be done by a search bar or tabs that allow users to click on the specific page they want to navigate to. If users can’t navigate your art piece of a website then what is point of making it all pretty? As soon as people enter your site it takes them as little as 50 milliseconds to decide if they are going to stay on your page or click away. You want users to be able to take in all your website’s glory and appreciate all your hard-earned work; so make a tab here or there to help guide them. 

SEO who?

Search Engine Optimization that’s who. This is crazy important when creating the content of your website because you want Google, and other search engines, to be able to understand what your site does or what it’s all about. When Google understands the function and flavor of your site then they are more likely to place your site higher within the search results, which of course is pretty important if you want to be clicked on. Choose keywords for each page of your content that are specific to what you think your targeted audience would be searching for. Now it’s no longer “SEO who” but “SEO best friends forever” type of relationship. 


Aren’t you forgetting something?

Oh yes of course, you have to analyze your site results. If you ask me I’m a check my analytics everyday kind of person but a weekly check is a must. Google Analytics gives you the free resources to analyze your demographics and also your more more more factor, your goals. Those are just two of the amazing things that Google Analytics can do to help you understand an absurd amount of data. And oh yeah, I forgot to mention you can automate reports and set alerts that will let you know all your cool site data is ready to go.


One Stop Shop.

Sorry to tell you this but you can’t just make your site and be like, “This was fun and all, but I’m going to peace out for the next 6 months to a year.” No no no. Your website needs constant work and upkeep, sorry to break it to you. SEO, your BFF, especially needs to constantly be analyzed because Google will be constantly crawling your page and your competitor’s page and if your competitor is keeping up on their site and you’re not, well it looks like your competitor just got ranked higher than you in the search results. OH NO! NOT MY COMPETITOR?! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Technology is always changing and improving, and users are expecting the best of the best always, so you need to always be on your toes, prepared to give them the best of the best, okay? Any questions?

With those 7 steps you will have a website that will have people begging to know your secret. Maybe don’t tell them or maybe just maybe send them this link. I guess it’s your choice.

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