Here’s How You Can Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate with Emotional Video Marketing.

Consumers with a positive emotional association with a brand are:

  •     8.4x more likely to trust that brand
  •     6.6x more likely to forgive that brand’s mistake
  •     7.1x more likely to buy more

Research conducted by a group of scientists concludes that the human brain has been hotwired to feel first and think second. Consumers claim a positive emotional bond to be far more important to them than the overall customer satisfaction.

“What people want is something extra, the emotional bonus they get when they buy something they love.”
– Seth Godin

An advertisement triggering the target audience’s emotions at the right time in an efficient manner is more likely to go viral than the ones produced just for the sake of it.

This blog post clearly explains going through the trouble of evoking people’s emotions via emotional video marketing is worth it. Also, we’ve explained how emotional video marketing can help you skyrocket your conversion rate in an efficient manner.

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Here’s Why You Should Invest in Emotional Video Marketing

These days, the consumer base is well-educated and can access a world full of information in no time. On top of this, their feeds are flooded with hundreds of video advertisements already.

With video marketing standing tall as a promising option, brands have already realized its potential. As a result, thousands of companies all across the world are pouring in millions to produce top-notch videos to skyrocket their sales.

That’s good.

But the problem is the type of videos they are creating.

In this fiercely competitive world, if you are wondering why your target audience should care about your video advertisements if they already come across thousands of those every single day, first I’d like you to put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

Imagine you’re surfing the world wide web. And let’s say you’re planning to hire a weight loss coach. Now, you’ll obviously come across dozens of weight-loss-related advertisements, thanks to the advertising platforms’ targeting feature.

First video ad – the weight loss coach blindly promotes his services. Whereas the second one – the weight loss coach makes you laugh or cry. He/she triggers the right emotions at the right time.

Which one will you click-through?

My guess – it’s the second one.

Often people can’t decide between two similar products or services being sold by different companies. So, they end up hopping onto Google and looking for any reviews.

But, when the time comes, they usually go with their gut feeling rather than logic. They’ll reach out to the brand that made them feel good – a brand that evoked their emotions and one they can trust.

The emotional response has a far greater impact on intent rather than anything. And that’s what’ll get your audience to act.

If your video advertisements make them feel happy, they’d love nothing more than sharing your video and recommending your products or services to their friends or family members.

Whereas, if you trigger ‘sadness,’ they’ll be prompted to emphasize and connect. Surprise and fear will make them turn to what they’re familiar with.

And combine them with the sense of urgency – there you have it – a perfect viral video marketing campaign. The reason why triggering emotion in video marketing campaigns is essential is that it helps businesses:

  •     Stand Out
  •     Connect with Their Audience
  •     Reach Out to More People
  •     Convey Their Story

But remember – it’s just the beginning. Your audience will probably be at the very top of the sales funnel. Triggering emotion via video marketing will help you only create a great first impression.

Once you reel in your prospects, you need to have a highly optimized sales funnel to ultimately convert as many of them into paying customers.

Our marketing team based in Boise, along with top-notch emotion-triggering video marketing services, will help you build a systematic world-class, highly converting marketing funnel the smart way.

Don’t wait around. 

Tap into the magic of redfox visual today.

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