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5 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Look Forward to in 2021.

“The Internet is rapidly becoming the town
square for the global village of tomorrow.”
– Bill Gates

Data fetched from the Digital 2021 Global Report indicates a massive 7.3% surge in the number of Internet users worldwide.

59.5% of the world population have access to the Internet, and as a result of rapid advancements in technology, we’ve witnessed a major change in the way consumers interact with businesses.

From purchasing groceries to interacting with their favorite brands to buying the recently launched gaming console, consumers these days started spending a huge chunk of their time online.

To stay one step ahead, it’s critical for businesses to adapt to the changing consumer behavior and interests.

In today’s digital era, marketers find it extremely difficult to attract traffic towards businesses and ultimately convert them into paying customers.

The same old tactics and educated guesses are a thing of the past. And it’s now more important than ever for businesses and marketers to keep themselves updated with the latest digital marketing trends and build a well-thought-out strategy accordingly.

This blog post lists out the 5 Digital Marketing trends businesses should look forward to in 2021.

Let’s dive in straight away.

5 Digital Marketing Trends Businesses &
Marketers Should Look Forward to in 2021

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Following are the points we’re about to discuss:

  • The Era of Artificial Intelligence
  • Live-Streams
  • Implementation of Chatbots
  • The Power of Personalization
  • Conversational Marketing


The Era of Artificial Intelligence


“The pace of progress in artificial intelligence is incredibly fast. And I am not referring to narrow AI. Unless you’ve direct exposure to a few groups like Deepmind, you wouldn’t have even the tiniest bit of idea how fast – it is growing at a pace close to exponential.”
– Elon Musk

Businesses have started harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for various purposes, including producing data-driven content, researching topic clusters plus keywords for content optimization, building buyer personas discovering value-adding insights, and more.

For those who don’t already know, Uber and Microsoft utilize Knightscope K5 robots for patrolling parking lots as well as large outdoor areas, helping the organizations predict and prevent illegal activities and crime.

These robots report suspicious activity, read license plates and collect data, which is later reported to the owners. And the best part? They can be rented for less than $7 an hour, making it way less expensive than a security guard’s wage.

In the world of digital marketing, AI can help business owners and marketers analyze customer data, consumer behavior, search patterns, recommend products/services, create content, helping them level up their marketing campaigns in a much more efficient manner.

Some popular implementations of AI in marketing campaigns include chatbots, content editors, keywords research tools, marketing automation, predictive analysis, etc.


As a result of Covid-19, huge crowd gatherings were banned, and people were advised to stay inside their homes. The in-person events were canceled.

As a result, we witnessed the rise of branded live-stream events, as an ever-increasing number of people started tuning in.

In 2020, live viewings on Facebook witnessed a 50% spike, whereas, on Instagram, the live streams surged 70%.

People started tuning into the live videos from their favorite brands or influencers. The best part about live streams is that they build trust and help the brand boost authenticity.

NYX Pro Makeup US, for their annual Pride celebrations, invited several influencers and asked them to live-stream make-up tutorials.

This digital marketing promotion delivered them outstanding results, as they shifted their focus towards human-to-human interaction, helping them build trust and increase brand awareness.

Implementation of Chatbots

Imagine one of your prospects visiting your website at 01:00 AM and finding himself all confused in regards to a service you’re offering. Now, if it was me, I’d be looking for quick answers.

Having to wait until the morning would make me go elsewhere or ditch the thought of purchasing your service entirely.

These days, people are looking for quick answers, which is why businesses should consider implementing a chatbot on their website.

A few of the benefits of including a chatbot in your digital marketing strategy include:

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Better Lead Generation & Nurturing
  • Increased Customer Engagement
  • Save Customer Service Costs
  • Better Team Productivity
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Elimination of Human Errors
  • And more!

Some successful brands already harnessing the power of chatbots in their marketing campaigns are Fandango, The Whole Street Journal, Pizza Hut, Staples, and Lyft.

The Power of Personalization

Want to stand out in 2021? Personalization is the way to go. From creating personalized content to running personalized email marketing campaigns, personalization will not only deliver an outstanding customer experience but also skyrocket your conversion rate.

Nearly 80% of the consumers claim that they are more likely to purchase a business’ product(s) or service(s) if the company offers a personalized experience.

Let’s take into consideration Netflix’s recommended shows or movies feature.

The giant uses the world full of customer data in their hands and builds a recommended shows or movies section for every single one of their subscribers.

Similarly, Starbucks mobile application uses data like location and purchase history to deliver a personalized experience to their customers.

In addition to this, the coffee giant allows its audience to customize their drinks and even encourages them to use the platform’s reward system.

Voice Search

Nearly 52% of people utilize voice search while driving. And according to the latest reports, 41% of adults utilize voice search at least once a day.

With the ever-increasing popularity of virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, the voice search industry has been predicted to skyrocket in the next few years.

Consumers, rather than typing in, followed by their query, will soon pour out words like, “OK GOOGLE” or “Alexa, play {favorite} song.”

And that’s the reason it’s important for businesses to optimize their websites for voice search, helping them stay ahead in the game and prepare themselves for the inevitable.


The world of marketing evolves at a rapid pace, which is why it’s important for businesses and marketers to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and build and execute a fool-proof marketing strategy accordingly.

Building your marketing strategy revolving around the trends discussed in this blog post will not only help you stand out but also boost your conversion rates efficiently.

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