What The Heck Do I Post On Instagram

Instagram is tricky; let me tell you. I am fortunate because, well, I was born in the digital age. I had a smartphone in my hand at the age of 14; downloadable music, mirror selfies, Youtube makeup tutorials, you know all that jazz. So, as you can tell, I was born to be an Instagram superstar. 


That’s where you’re wrong. 


I have been posting on my personal Instagram about myself for the past ten years. Posting as a business is a lot more difficult when your main goal is to attract as many customers or clients as possible. 


Follow along as I outline how to be successful on Instagram with seven easy steps. 


People love talking about themselves.

Well, duh, that’s literally what Instagram is for. So since Instagrammers are wanting to talk about themselves, why don’t you ask your followers questions to keep them engaged with your brand? These questions can also shape a personality around your brand and allow you to have some perspective on the type of customers that your brand attracts. 


Show people the ins and out of your business. 

Who? Why? What? Where? Each of these can be answered by showing what goes on in your business. This will create harmony between your brand and your business. Seeing the type of people that work for your company answers so many questions. Images or videos of your employees hard at work lets users know what they are in for when walking through your doors. But of course, make sure your employees look happy in your posts because work is always so happy and joyful, right?  


Share your two-cents on being a business owner.

People love seeing the face of leadership, especially from a company they enjoy. Pop on the Instagram live or story with a quick video update of maybe changes you are making to the company or how much you appreciate your customers/followers. By “sitting” down with your followers, you make them feel more connected to your brand and have a face to name type of relationship. 


Trends are super cool.

Who doesn’t like a good trend like a meme or viral video? I think businesses should stay on-trend to make sure to retain customers but also gain new followers. Generation Z loves a good trend, and they are the future, so tapping into that audience is a must for business owners. Maybe step out of your comfort zone and create a TikTok or Youtube video; video content will keep your Instagram spicy and up to date for those youngins.  


Create a consistent theme

Creating a color or content scheme can help create a more appealing profile that makes people want to follow you. Posting consistently with a similar theme can create an algorithm that will place you at the top of people’s feed. Posting five days one week, and only posting once the next week is a no go. Post as much as you can keep up with. I think posting on the main feed 2-3 times a week is achievable, and posting on your story at least 4 out of 7 days is just right. You have to make sure to keep up with it, or you will lose your algorithm, engagement, and followers. 


Hashtags are your best friend.

Hashtags are one of the most important things that you can use on your posts, especially to maintain relevance. You should begin to create a long list of hashtags that you want to use for each post. These hashtags should be placed on both your posts and stories. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that adding hashtags to stories is less important than adding them to posts. When other users follow a hashtag that you’ve put on your story, it will get added to that feed. Hashtag the heck out of everything because it will create more engagement and followers who want to engage with similar businesses. 


Hop onto the Influencer bandwagon. 

Influencers are something new in the past three years. They can change anyone’s opinion about a business, all with one post. Influencers have a strong following, and their users are a ride or die type of following. If you have the money to have an influencer visit your shop or use your product, DO IT. You can gain a large following with just one post. Businesses who use influencers are making $5.20 back on every $1 spent. That is a 520% return on investment. Because of one person telling their followers to use your product, to follow you, or whatever you pay them to say, their followers will drink the kool-aid. Hop on the influencer bandwagon; the grass IS greener over here. 


Oh look, here’s me engaging with my readers: What should I blog about next?


Anyways great talking again; I’ll see you next Friday for some more marketing tips and tricks. 

Courtney Reiber