Kelson Orthodontics.

Web design, photo, and video for Meridian’s most colorful Orthodontist.
Kelson Orthodontics’ mission is simple: they want everyone to smile more! Before coming to Redfox Visual, Kelson Orthodontics used a “one-size-fits-all” web subscription service specifically for Dentists and Orthodontists. This service was cheap and looked cheap, but their business was suffering. They knew they needed to make an investment in something that would help them reach their business goals. We made their website resemble their physical location, a beautiful custom-designed building with bright colors, fun people, and unique architecture. As a result, they had a finished product that enticed new customers, creative assets that matched their brand, and saw a 1400% increase in traffic after launch.
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“Redfox Visual is outstanding! We redesigned our website with new photos and videos and have been blown away by the outcome. They have done an amazing job of listening to everything that we want and making it a reality. They are patient, hardworking, and super fun! They exceeded everything we have dreamed of with our website, photos, and video content. Give them a call today!”


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Kelson Orthodontics.

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Kelson Orthodontics


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