Gem Prep.

Video marketing Facebook Ad campaign for Idaho’s fastest growing college-prep charter school. 

27% Increase in Applications Compared to the Prior Year.

1.51 Million Impressions.

48% Click Through Rate.

Gem Innovation Schools is a network of K-12, college-prep schools across Idaho, and the #1 tuition-free online school in the state. Gem Prep (as their brick-and-mortar schools are called) wanted to promote both online and in-person enrollment. While Gem Prep is all about the students, our focus was to create advertisements directed toward parents and guardians of school-aged kids – the ultimate decision-makers. We created several video ads of an emotional nature, showing parents a glimpse of what a successful future looks like for their kids. We created Facebook Ad campaigns for each in-person location and strategically geo-targeted a radius around each school to our custom audiences. We also created a broad campaign across the state for online enrolment, with all campaigns having clear calls to action. We strategized, created, launched, and watched the results pour in.

“We really don’t even know what to say. We are so very grateful for all the work and love that went into getting this video created for our organization. Redfox Visual is a blessing. We don’t think anyone could have told our story better than they did. They saw our vision from the very first and did a fantastic job. We also loved that we were able to find and use all of our own students for the spots. It makes them feel so real! We are very pleased.”


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Upriver Youth Council.

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Upriver Youth Council




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