Brand design and website for Invisalign DTC brand.

DTC Invisalign Treatment Programs.

Serves Customers Nationwide.

Unique Service Offerings.


OX Smiles is a direct to consumer invisalign brand, similar to SmileDirect Club, but with a more personal approach to orthodontics. The company branched from a physical orthodonture practice during the pandemic and began offering remote orthodontic services to provide a safer, more convenient value to their customers.

Services Performed.

  • Brand Design
  • Package Design
  • Brand Positioning
  • Consumer Research
  • Website Design
  • E-commerce
  • SEO

Client's Needs.

They approached Redfox Visual with their business plan and sought our guidance to build their brand and online persona. We started with the basics – their “why” and “who”. In order to communicate to an inundated online crowd, in an industry saturated with larger, more experienced firms, we had to carefully craft their brand around a unique selling proposition.


The Solution.

We began with creating the brand image by designing logos, icons, colors, typography, and defining their brand voice. From there, we designed packaging for shipping the invisalign kits to customers and a colorful website to promote and sell the products.

Redfox has captured the essence of our brand and it has been exciting to work with such talented and organized professionals. In particular, Tiffany has kept great track of our requests and ideas. We have built several websites and this experience has far surpassed any previous ones. Even after launch, they are ready to help us be the best possible. Thank you Redfox- we are very proud of our sites.

OX Smiles


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