Build A Stunning Website Within the Next 30 Minutes. Learn How!.

“Your website is the window of your business.
Keep it fresh, keep it exciting.”
– Jay Conrad Levinson

Bill Gates once said, “If your business is not on the internet, then it will be soon out of business.” 

Over 4.8 billion people have an active internet connection. This means – around 60.9% of the global population is actively engaging with businesses on the world wide web. 

The digital era isn’t a thing of the future anymore. 

It’s already here. And it’s here to stay.

People are spending more than six hours each day on average using the internet for different purposes. And in the next few years, the digital consumption number will reportedly skyrocket. 

To not miss out on the opportunity, businesses have begun kickstarting their online venture. From pest control to leather products, it doesn’t matter what your business model is, your audience is already looking for a business that sells the same product(s) or service(s) as you do. 

Around 71% of businesses have a website. This means – about 71% of your competitors have a website up and running. You’re missing out on your prospects and customers just because you don’t have a stunning website up and running. 

No website = Literally zero presence.

A business without a website on the internet is similar to a physical office without a front desk.

And as you’re here reading this, we believe that you’ve decided to build a website – but maybe you don’t have the resources or manpower to do so. 

Don’t worry – we want to help you build the most beautiful front desk – which is the main reason we decided to put together this blog post. Here, we’ll be teaching you how to get an exceptionally stunning website up and running within 30 minutes.

Let’s learn how.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Building a
Stunning Website Within 30 Minutes

Step I: Get a Domain Name & a Web Host

Before we begin, you’ll need a:

  • Domain Name: Your website domain name is similar to your office’s physical address. For example, our domain name is – When you hit it up, you’ll be redirected to our landing page. Some of the best domain name registrars include, Bluehost, and GoDaddy.
  • Web Host: Think of your web host as the host of a party you’re heading to. Just like a party host offers everyone a place to party and interact with one another, your web host will offer you a place on the world wide web to put your website and make it easily accessible to everyone. It’s where all your website files will be stored. Some of the best web hosting services are Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostinger, and DreamHost.

We’ll be installing WordPress directly using GoDaddy’s “Managed WordPress” functionality. While you can purchase from any of the web hosting and domain name registrar– as they will all allow you to directly install WordPress from their interface. But for the sake of learning, we’ll be using GoDaddy.

Step II: Install WordPress

More than 455 million websites use WordPress. And with millions of downloads each year, the use of WordPress is rising at a steady pace. With more and more businesses taking their operations online, WordPress usage will reportedly boom in the coming years.

One of the biggest benefits of WordPress is that you don’t need to be a coder or programmer to get your own website up and running. With WordPress, it’s extremely easy to build a website using its drag-and-drop functionality. 

So, how do you install WordPress?

  • Upon purchasing your domain name, you can scroll below and click on the “Managed WordPress” option.


  • Choose whether you’re building a new site from scratch or want to migrate an already existing site – here we are building from scratch, so we will be choosing the first option. 

  • Select your domain – since we’re directly doing it from within GoDaddy – your purchased domain will appear in the drop-down list. If it’s not in the list, enter the domain name manually.

  • Now, you’ll be asked to choose the data center. Let’s go with the recommended option.

  • Add a Username and password for your WordPress. You’ll use these credentials to log in to WordPress and access your website’s back-end.

  • Select “Install.”

  • WordPress will take some time to install – we believe about a minute or two. And as it gets installed, this is what will be displayed in front of you:
  • Click on the “Get Started” option.
  • Now, you’ll be redirected to your WordPress dashboard.

  • Now, if you ever want to access this dashboard again, you can type in – replace ‘yourwebsiteurl’ with your domain name. So, for us – it’s
  • Type in your domain name – and you’ll see that it’s live. The page presented in front of you will be the default one and it’ll be really simple. Now, we’ll edit the website based on our requirements and needs.

Step III: Install a New Theme

Think of WordPress themes as meme templates. While almost all the design and functionalities are pre-designed and ready to use, you can edit the design, text, and functionalities depending on your needs. Here, we’ll be using a highly popular theme called “Astra.”

 To install the theme, head over to the “Themes” section in the back-end, or if you are on your website’s front-end – hover over your website name, and in the drag-down list – select “Themes.”

Since we are building a website from scratch, your WordPress site name will be “A WordPress Site.”

  • Select “Themes.”
  • Click “Add New.”

  • Now, search “Astra.”

  • Hover over the theme and click “Install.”

  • When it shows “Installed,” click “Activate.”

  • Now upon activation, you can verify by typing in your website URL and hitting ‘Enter.’
  • To easily customize the “Astra” theme, there’s a plugin available on WordPress – which makes the customization easier. 
  • To install this plugin, select “Plugins” on your WordPress dashboard.

  • Select “Add New.”

  • Look up a plugin named “Astra.”

  • The plugin name is “Astra Starter Sites.” Click on “Install Now.” And when it’s installed, select “Activate.”

  • What makes this plugin special is that it has a set of great designs that you can apply to your website. NOTE: The theme will be Astra itself, but these designs will vary. 
  • To look at these designs, go to “Plugins” again and under the “Astra Sites – Lite” plugin, select “See Library.”

NOTE: If you don’t have Elementor installed, go to “
Plugins.” Select Add New – search “Elementor.” Now, install and activate.

  • Select “Elementor.” Doing this will make it easier to edit any design.
  • Choose the design of your choice – any one you like.

  • We chose this design:

  • Now you can explore this design to understand how your website will look like. Select “Install Plugins” in the bottom-left corner. 

  • Once installed, click on “Import This Site.”

  • Now, the demo content and design will be imported to your website.
  • Once done, you may head over to the front end of your website, you’ll be able to see the demo content and design there. 


Step IV: Edit the Content – Based on Your Needs & Requirements

Now, different businesses have different needs and requirements. Depending on how you want your website to look, you can edit the content, add, edit or delete sections, add pictures, videos, or do literally anything.

WordPress makes it really easy to build a highly customized website using its drag-and-drop functionality. 

As simple as that!

Congratulations! Your Website is Now Live!

And that’s how you build a website within 30 minutes. From domain registration to editing the content and functionalities, WordPress has made it extremely simple for anyone to get their own website up and running in no time.

And the best part is that you don’t need a coder or programmer for the majority of the part.

However, to make it truly interactive, unique, and eye-catching, it’s often advisable to hire a highly-skilled web designer and developer – our veteran Nate would love nothing more than knocking it out of the park for you.

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