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Avoid These 4 Common Web Design Mistakes in 2021.

“Web design isn’t just about creating pretty layouts. Instead, it’s about understanding the marketing challenge behind your business.”

– Mohamed Saad

Your website is the front desk of your business.

From the moment your prospects land on your website, you need to make sure that it captures their attention immediately.

Moreover, your website should deliver a memorable user experience.

Otherwise, users will bounce off your website, which would be a waste of your marketing and advertising dollars.

Having a sleek and simple website isn’t just an option anymore.

Instead, it’s a necessity.

Your competitors are already trying to gain that #1 search engine rankings spot.

So, the last thing you’d want is a few web design mistakes tampering with your online presence.

This blog post lists out the four common web design mistakes most businesses make and the ones you should avoid.

Let’s dive in.

4 Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Here’s a list of web design mistakes you need to avoid:

  • Absence of a Plan Before Implementation
  • Too Much Clutter
  • Terrible CTA
  • Poorly Designed Images

Absence of a Fool-Proof Plan Before Implementation

Diving straight into the implementation without having a plan is like hopping outside without a mask.

It’s dangerous.

The biggest mistake most designers make is that they assume things.

They don’t know who the end-user is. Without conducting market or user research, they dive straight into the design part.

And they end up designing a poorly structured website that fails to entice the website visitors.

So, the first step is to tap into the power of the design-thinking approach and draw the website’s layout on paper.

This will help you identify your user’s needs and motivations.

On top of this, you can identify their pain points and build an appealing design that presents the solution efficiently.

A design-thinking approach helps the designers identify the goals and project scope, understand user requirements, and build business features.

Too Much Clutter

Nobody likes exploring a cluttered website. Here’s a perfect example of one:

Cluttered Website Example

Having too much information on your website will make your audience go away.

A cluttered website is just too confusing and hard to understand, access, and consume.

So, the solution here is to build a scalable website right from the very beginning. Consider embracing a “divide-and-conquer strategy.”

Divide your website into multiple web pages.

Further, divide these web pages into reusable blocks and components.

Every single one of the components should focus on delivering functionality.

Use these components to design a highly functional website.

This approach will help you avoid clutter and ensure faster scalability and development.

Terrible CTA

The biggest web design mistake you can make is not having a clear and compelling CTA on your website.

Websites are like sales and marketing funnel. Even something as simple as tweaking copy on a button provides a tangible benefit for your customers and can improve your conversion rate by 31%.

Your aim is to convert as many of your website visitors into paying customers. You need to make sure that your website visitors smoothly traverse from the prospects’ stage to the bottom of the funnel and purchase your products or services or take the appropriate action.

A Call-to-Action is like a road signboard. It’ll guide your audience throughout the website and bring them further down their buyers’ journey.

A few of the benefits of CTA include:

  • Directing your audience’s actions based on their needs
  • Helps you convert them into paying customers
  • Increases sales
  • Eliminates confusion and decision fatigue

While CTAs are important, don’t overdo them. It may end up irritating your prospects.

Poorly Designed Images

90% of the information our brain processes is visual. Visuals play an important role in our lives.

When placed right, visuals can help you convey the message to your website visitors.

However, poorly designed images may make things worse.

Low-quality visuals will create a poor impression and turn off your visitors.

This will, in turn, result in high bounce-off and low conversion rates. Not to mention the SEO disadvantages of poorly serving images to your customers.

A clean and simple website with high-quality visuals will help you convey your message effectively.


Your website is the heart and soul of your business.

Think of it as a conversion funnel rather than just a store.

Every single second your visitors spend on your website should be memorable. That’s how you will be able to convert them into paying customers.

Don’t let the above-mentioned mistakes hinder your growth.

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